Best website hosting for photographers

The best website hosting for photographers

Best website hosting for photographers

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One of the biggest frustrations as a business owner is “website” anything.  Website design, website downtime, website crashing, website tsunami’s (ok it feels like one), website virus, but mostly website hosting!

Most of the time I handle these things with a bottle of wine & a pot full of tears.

I started out like most you, where it didn’t matter what company hosted my website.  Pricing was my driving factor.

A monthly fee of $6.99 was my lady jam.  Perfect for a photographer who just needed to get up a few pages & a photo gallery.  WRONG!  SO DAMN WRONG!

Sure you can have an inexpensive web hosting plan, even by a big name company like Bluehost or Godaddy.  You can even get your website up and going within minutes with *them*, but you better believe you will be met with downtime, migraines & pissy attitudes with customer service.  Ok, maybe this is just my experience … nah probably not.  It’s a common gripe in our industry about bad web hosting & website headaches.

So let’s take a tour of my web history.

  • I started with Bluehost and a package somewhere around $6.99.  It was easy to setup, but nothing short of a bad experience.  I stayed maybe a year (or less).  I quickly realized I needed out of that relationship.  I didn’t even write a Dear John, I just bolted!
  • I decided Godaddy was a better option (after all, I did see an awesome half-time commercial by them – they must know what they are doing), wrong.  So wrong.  I paid an entire year up front.  Bad idea!  Left within 3 months.  They did credit me back the rest of the year. (the cost was something like $79 a month)
  • I cried a ton in between.  Migrating websites is not easy.
  • Website crashing was the name of the game with these two hosts (for me anyhow).  Customer service wasn’t super helpful and even a few people visiting would crash my site.
  • I moved over to Rackspace.  Seriously this was a life changer.  I got the managed account where they offered “fanatical” support.  And for a long time they really did.  However, I was shelling out more money than a car payment (not kidding!).  Nope.  Hell no.  The customer service started to decline and I was left with another choice.  Migrate with someone I trust.
  • My friend Scott Wyden, who I bug for every website hiccup I come across, told me about Imagely.  Of course the name alone had me intrigued.  But more than a name, this was exactly what I needed.  A company that understood my industry.  Photography is nothing shy of a shit-ton of images, megabytes, space, space, space.  These guys host WordPress (which I love) and are actually affordable!

It get’s better!

So I immediately decide to throw caution to the wind & transfer my website with Imagely & man am I happy I did!


My experience

Sign up was simple & without migrating a website you could be up & running instantly.  I, however, was bringing my website with me.   *because who wants to start all over?!

A simple ticket for migration was all I needed & Imagely did the rest!  I wasn’t sure if this was true, but it was definitely what they promised.

Within hours I had a link to test out my site on their servers, to make sure everything came over nicely (it did) and was scheduled for final transfer.  Finally … finally a hosting company that was there FOR ME!  I felt like I had my own team, that I was in the best hands, and that my company meant something to them.

Did I mention the price?  OMG, finally I can keep some of my own money!  Finally I can have a website up & running without issues.  Finally I am free of the hosting burden.

I can’t say enough about Imagely, and this is why I had to share my experience with you.  A web presence is vital to you and I.  Why host it with a company that is sure to deliver outages & maintenance downtime?!  

Whether you already have a website or are looking to create one, you may want to try Imagely.  WordPress is my favorite platform for websites, it’s simple to use, easy to navigate as an admin and beautiful for photography.

When I contacted Imagely to let them know I would be writing this review, because it’s important to me to share with my viewers, they were gracious enough to give me a coupon code for you all!  Not a little $10 off.  Nope!  3 FREAKIN’ MONTHS FREE!  Who does that?!  Imagely, does! 

Check them out here, decide if it’s the right move for you.  Then tell them I sent ya!  Coupon code for 3 months free is:  COLORVALE3.  (code expires 9/30/16 so flippin’ hurry your butt up if you want to take this offer)


So that’s my experience.  You are reading this blog post which is being hosted by Imagely … see how great they are?!


The best website hosting for photographers
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  • Patricia Dome September 6, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    Thanks! I do pen & ink, glass carving, and photographs! Your blog vote was great! I have a. Word Press theme and have been in limbo about a hosting sight

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