Blogging Tips for Photographers

Blogging is such a vital thing for online growth. 

Google lovesssss a website that is consistently adding new & valuable content.

It isn't enough to create a website, walk away, never update it and think that it will rank high on Google.

You want to be on the front page when someone in your area searches for a photographer ... right?!

If you aren't blogging, start today!  

If you aren't sure what to blog about or how to do it then use these helpful tips we created for you.

I'm here to help you every step of the way with these free tutorials and tips!  


Bookmark this page, even share it on Pinterest so you don't forget.  Make blogging a priority.

How to create a professional photography website and blog

The #1 tip to successfully creating goals that are obtainable

How to automate your photography business & keep it flowing

5 common mistakes that photographers make on Facebook

How to develop a schedule so that you can have a more organized photography business!

Best website hosting for photographers

Building A Successful Photography Business IS Possible but you must have this …

How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website from Social Media Blogging

5 Steps To Increase Your Social Media Traffic Using Your Blog

How To Make Sure Potential Clients Find Your Blog Posts

The Best Way to Optimize Images for Blog Posts Blogging

What you should include in every blog post Blogging

What Should You as a Photographer Be Blogging About?


Here is a list of things that every photographer should be blogging about

There’s a lot that goes into having a successful blog, but if you do it right it can actually bring in tons of your ideal clients. But what the heck should you be blogging about? This is something a lot of photographers struggle with and draw a blank on. But...

Blogging Week 3: The Best Way to Optimize Images for Blog Posts

Last week we talked all about what makes up the perfect blog post.   One of the things we touched on, but didn't expound upon, was images. This week we're going to dive into images in blog posts in detail, since they are a crucial part of the puzzle. Here's...

The importance of link building and how to drive traffic to your website

How photographers can build a link list and drive traffic to their site Talk about learning as you go!   Creating a beautiful website and hoping people find you just isn't enough.   Taking incredible photos and hoping people hire you ... well that isn't so easy if no one can...

How to properly title your blog posts to boost web traffic

The title you choose makes all the difference! Have you sat there stumped on what to name your latest sneak peek blog post?   You aren't alone.   So you create this fantastic blog post with sneak peeks of your latest session and you are stuck on the "Enter title...

5 Simple Office Tasks That Every Photographer Should Be Doing

Business isn't all fun. There, I said it. It's not this fairytale of creating photos & bam, you're done. Wish it was the case.  But the fact is there are admin duties tied to every business.  You know what I'm talking about ... the accounting, the ordering, the social media....

How to turn social media silence into engaging fans

Do you feel like all your social media & blogging efforts are a complete waste because they are immediately followed by blank stares, scrolling fingers, and silence? You know the drill ... Your excitement about an upcoming marketing idea sends you straight to Facebook, typing as fast as can be,...

3 Mistakes Even Seasoned Photographers Make

Just as you make mistakes and learn from your experiences as a budding photographer, those who have been in business a few years are just as susceptible to errors in business. There are different stages of a photography business, and while you may think a steady client stream and getting...

Marketing tips for photographers

We have compiled some of the hottest marketing tips for photographers that this blog has to offer. Please enjoy these and don't forget to bookmark or pin them so you can refer to this later because there is a huge bundle of valuable tips here. Buzz Worthy: Marketing To High...

How to make sure potential clients find your blog posts

  Blogging is fun and all, but let’s face it, you’re not doing it for your health.   The objective to blogging is growing your traffic. This means making sure that your potential clients are finding and reading all those blog posts you took the time to write. The best way...

How to start a full time photography business & getting more clients + sales (Part 2)

Part 1 of how to start a full time photography business was pretty intense. Remember, without a profit this can’t be a successful full time job. Which brings us to our next part – comparing the ‘where I need to be’ with ‘where I’m at now.’   So ... where are...

Building A Successful Photography Business IS Possible but you must have this ...

Building a successful and profitable photography business is possible! There are, however, factors that come into play which will either make or break your dream. “OMG, did she just say not all dreams are possible?” Noooooooooo. That’s not what was said or meant. The truth is, that without a business...

Checklist For Starting A Photography Business

When I first started my photography business I was lost on the correct way to build.   Many mistakes were made as I went through the process.   I wasn’t sure what needed to be done first, and I spent more time fixing what I did because there wasn’t a...

5 common mistakes that photographers make on Facebook

I feel like I say this to you often, but it’s true … You aren’t alone in any of this.   The common mistakes I’m going to talk about, I’ve done them.  You probably are, or have, as well. You see, as artists we are so eager.  I’m not sure it’s...

Tips For Moving Your Photography Business To A New Area: Try, Cry, Repeat

Adam and I were ready for a change - like, a big one. We had been living in Australia together for eight years (he was born and raised there, I moved over in 2006). The whole white picket fence dream was something we never really took to, at least not...

60 Days to a More Profitable Photography Biz

This is the third part in our three-part blog post series about building a more profitable photography business so you can be a full-time business owner (WHOOHOO!). In Part 1 we discussed pricing, and went over all the numbers and goals you need to hit to make sure you can..


How To Turn Social Media Silence Into Engaging Fans Part 3: 60 Days to a More Profitable Photography Biz

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