Here is a list of things that every photographer should be blogging about

There’s a lot that goes into having a successful blog, but if you do it right it can actually bring in tons of your ideal clients.

But what the heck should you be blogging about?

This is something a lot of photographers struggle with and draw a blank on. But in reality, there’s actually a ton of things you can blog about. And it's not as hard as you think! And we are giving you all the deets.  


1.  Recent sessions and/or weddings.

This one is pretty obvious, and one of the things that most photographers blog about already. But any time you have a new session or wedding done, it’s a great thing to blog (but make sure you have a signed model release from your clients!)

This is great too because it gives your clients something that they can send to their friends and family, especially if it’s a wedding post.

By doing this, your clients are sharing you with their audience (huge marketing advantage). You can also use it as a way of showing your clients a sneak peak before you have the rest of their images done.  


2.  Sales or special sessions.

If you have a sale coming up or mini sessions, this is another thing that you can blog about. Just make sure you put the date on it so that if someone wanders over to your blog after it’s over, you want them to know that it happened already.  


3.  Occasional personal stuff.

If you’re a portrait or wedding photographer (basically, not a corporate photographer), personal posts and pictures of what’s going on in your life can make your clients feel more connected to you.

And the more connected they feel to you and the more personable you come off, the more likely they’ll be to book you. Just make sure to keep them somewhat relevant to your ideal client and audience, otherwise it will seem out of place.

Maybe it’s something like a 365 photo project or maybe some pictures of where you went on vacation, etc. You know your ideal client the best and know what types of things would appeal to them, so try to work within that.  


4.  Showcase your expertise.

Blog posts for your site need to showcase your expertise - photography.

Write about why someone should hire a professional photographer.

Write about how to decorate your home with canvas and photographs.

Write about events you shouldn't miss in life without a photographer.

Write about how to take care of prints.

Write about every single thing you know about your passion.  


5.  Most importantly!! Anything helpful to your client.

This is a huge one! Are you a wedding photographer? Write about some of the things you recommend the bride do to prepare for their wedding day.

Write about tips on relieving stress on the actual day.

Write about developing a timeline for the day.

Write about the top wedding dance songs of the year that your brides chose.

Ask your past brides to give you a tip or two about their special day, letting them know they will be featured in a blog post to help future brides.

Or write a post that lists your favorite vendors you’ve worked with in the past (this would be a great opportunity to network!).

If you’re a newborn photographer, maybe write an article about the best way to prep the little one for their session. Write about how to soothing a fussy baby. Write about milestones you don't want to forget, showing them how to grab a camera at any moment.

For engagement clients, you could write about suggested outfit ideas. You could write about planning engagement parties. Or even tips on upcoming bridal sessions.

Basically, write whatever sorts of things you think would be relevant and helpful to your ideal clients.

And this is really important because then your clients see you as a valuable resource and begin to trust you. And the more they trust you, the more you’ll stand ahead of the competition. This will also help you in the SEO field.

Think about it ... Your ideal client is googling these exact phrases. You will now show up in the search results when they google these things, driving traffic to your site organically.  


6.  Wrap-up posts.

At the end of the year, you could compile all of your favorite images from the year into a ‘The Best of ________’ post.

This is a great idea because it shows all of your best work from the whole year all in one place. This is also a great post to put testimonials on.

You don’t just have to do it at the end of the year though - you could do your favorite sessions from the summer, fall, seniors, etc.  


7.  FAQ posts.

This is a great way to accomplish two things at once.

First, it can obviously answer a lot of really common questions you get from clients and potential clients.

The more people trust you and find you to be transparent with everything, the better.

Secondly, you can also use it as a way of potentially upselling to your clients by answering such questions as what size prints you recommend, or what collection of products you recommend for newlyweds, etc.

You can also use it to link out to other relevant pages on your site as well, which is a great way of keeping people on your website as long as possible.

Using the upselling example, you could potentially link to somewhere on your site that shows pictures of all of your products.

Something like, "You can click here for more info about the products and heirloom pieces I carry and recommend to my clients."  


8.  Homework

Take about half an hour to brainstorm ideas for what you could blog about. Then, jot them out in your Lights. Camera. Take Action planner, then plan out some time each week or each month to actually write your blog posts and schedule them in advance.  



Now that you have all your blogs written and scheduled in advance, write up and schedule a newsletter to go along with it to send to your newsletter audience.

The next post will be all about the pieces of a blog post and how to optimize it in such a way that will make your readers want to email you as soon as they read it. Click here to read it now.


  • Anna

    This was so helpful! I only blog recent sessions, but I’ve been wanting to blog more personal stuff and a FAQs page!

  • Rachel

    Wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing!!

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