5 Steps To Increase Your Social Media Traffic Using Your Blog

SEO is critical for getting traffic to your blog, but it’s not the only player in the game.

Growing your audience on all platforms is essential.

Because maximizing your content reach is vital for organic traffic, new clients & visibility, we wanted to ensure you have all the necessary portals for your audience.

By leveraging all platforms, making any and all avenues available for your viewers to reach you or share you, you are essentially growing & expanding without much effort.

You see … People like what they like.  Who are we to dictate where they share or follow us?!  It’s just our job as entrepreneurs to make it easy for them to come back.

So I say “pick your pet” … Tell me where you want to see me and I’ll be there.  Here’s how …

Each visitor on your blog will have a preference of their favorite social app such as Instagram or Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, maybe Google + (noooooo, that’s probably not true but hey, whatever floats their boat right?!).

By providing various ways for them to follow you & better yet share you, increases your visibly. It’s not about what platforms you like, it’s about the viewers experience and their favorite hangout.

Below you will find 5 essential tips to making your blog a social hotspot, driving traffic to your social platforms & essentially keeping your clients connected to you at all times.

Remember, it’s not necessary to get followers on each social site, however it is necessary to stay in front of your audience.




Step 1:  Add a Pin It Button on your blog. There are some really great plugins on the market (some free, some not so free) that will add a fancy pin it button for your photos. This is essential so that viewers can share your posts. Remember though that each blog post should have a high quality, pin sized image with text on it saying what the blog post is about so that when it is pinned, traffic comes back to your site due to the interest of your blog post topic. Why do this? It’s essential to have people share your blog posts and many times it’s easiest to pin them because it allows the reader the ability to find it again easily. It is a win/win for all parties.


Step 2:  Add social share buttons to your blog. Again, there are some great free plugins that will put social share buttons on your images when someone mouses over them. However, my favorite is a paid product called Monarch. The reason for this is it allows you to customize the buttons (color & size) but also it has the Pin It button included, which means you can skip 1.

What do this step? People love to share what helps them. This allows them to share on their favorite platform or even email it to themselves or a friend.


Step 3:  Since we are on the topic of Pinterest (and why not since it’s the best traffic source for social media currently) … Add your Pin board to your blog sidebar. You guessed it, there’s a plugin for that too! But this time a plugin isn’t necessary. Why? Because Pinterest has developers who created a code page for you to use. You simple go here and grab this easy to use code, add it to your blog and tada you are done. Why do this step? If you want to increase your social following you have to give them a sneak peek of what your doing. If it interests them they will follow it.


Step 4:  For the same reason as #3, you need to add your Instagram feed to your blog. You can place this on your sidebar or even in your footer. There is, of course, a simple plugin to use for this. We love this Instagram plugin.


Step 5:  Add your social media buttons to the sidebar of your blog. These buttons should link directly to your social sites, giving a variety for the viewer to choose from. It should have a great call to action above the social buttons telling them why they should click such as “For Wedding Tips Follow Us Here”


As you can see from these 5 steps you have now covered all your bases. You have created simple ways for a viewers to share a post, bookmark a post for later use, drive traffic to your site via their friends, and stay connected on social sites so that you can remind them to come back and see what you are up to.

I challenge you to complete all 5 steps this week. Your business is worth the effort!

Next up, we’ll go into more detail about how to use each platform to drive traffic.

 Click here to read it now. Until next time my friends, xx&o!

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