How to drive traffic to your blog or website from social media

Last week's post was all about increasing traffic to your social media from your blog.

This week, we're reversing that and helping you figure out the best ways to use social media to drive traffic to your blog.

Here's some of the best ways we've found to do just that: 

You’ve taken the time to rack your brain about great blogging topics.  

You then sat down to a bag of chips & your keyboard.  

Wrote the most amazing tips to help your audience’s pain points but how the hell do you get them to show up and read it?

There are so many avenues of traffic on the internet.  

From the good ol’ Facebook, Twitter, the ever-dying Google + and most importantly from Pinterest (hint:  Pinterest is the #2 source of blog traffic right now & you MUST be working your magic there).  

But what are some best practices for each of the platforms?

All social media, no matter the platform, must be social.  

They must contain a rule of 80% helping & influencing and 20% marketing your business.  

If you oversell yourself you will quickly lose all visibility.  

So I want to make that point right out of the gate.  

Share what helps them including tips, engagement questions, inspiration, and also your blog posts.  And driving traffic to your blog is why we are here today so let’s dive in.



I wanted to start here because Facebook is something we all use and something so many complain about.  Quite often I hear people upset at the amount of fans that actually see your posts.

Yes, Facebook has quite the low rate of reach to fan count.  But I ask you this:  The percentage of visibility can’t be controlled, so rather than focus on what is seen, just share better things to grow it.

The moment you start getting in the habit of sharing daily tips or blog posts, that reach will change organically. I promise that. I know that Facebook only shows to approximately 1% of my fan base, and I can’t do anything about it. So I work harder to get people to like posts or share posts so it grows that number. Focus on what you can do.

Each week you should be sharing a link to new blog posts you have written & a couple old blog posts that you have written.  Why old blog posts too?  You want to repurpose content you put effort into writing.

People often write them, post them and forget about them.  NO!  Reuse old helpful content each month.

Will your audience get bored seeing them?  Well, think of it this way … is your audience on Facebook at the same time, all day, every day?  No.  So you can scatter these posts on Facebook to different days and different times.

Then as you start to blog more you will have more in your arsenal to use.  I currently have 300+ posts that I share throughout the year.  It rarely gets duplicate views by a person and if it does then great, you’ve just reminded them to read something they may have scanned over the first time.

Tip:  I have found that my reach is better if I DON’T use a photo but instead let Facebook pull the “featured image” on my blog post.

What app helps you do this simply?  Buffer.  I like Buffer because it stores all your old posts you create for each platform and then you can reuse them.  Blog posts are something you can schedule to reuse each month.

Sample schedule:

  • Monday:  8:53am New Blog Post Link
  • Tuesday:  7:45pm Old Blog Post Link
  • Wednesday:  11:45am Old Blog Post Link
  • Thursday:  7:53pm Repeat of New Blog Post Link
  • Saturday:  10:03am Old Blog Post Link

According to Kissmetrics (read full article here) “Many marketers believe that links to your website via social media accounts do have a major impact on your rankings. Says Marketing Consultant Brian Honigman:

Today, links are mainly achieved through developing original content that is in turn, shared across social media. Links to your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other social networks help the search engines understand what websites are credible and should be ranked for what keyword phrases.”

So the more you post on social media and elsewhere, the better chance Google has of understanding what your website is about, whether or not it’s credible, and if so, how to rank it appropriately in search results.



The beauty of twitter is that you can post more often.  I would schedule two blog posts a day to go out on Twitter.  One in the morning and one in the evening.

Tip:  Even if you are not using Twitter you should still be sharing your blog posts over there for SEO.  It’s very simple to do and NOT a duplicate of efforts.  

Why?  Because that little tip I told you about for Facebook called Buffer … that allows you to select as many platforms you want to share it on at the same time.  They also have a great plugin for your browser that will let you schedule right from your blog.

Sample schedule:

  • Monday:  8:53am New Blog Post Link
  • Monday:  9:10pm New Blog Post Link
  • Tuesday:  7:45am Old Blog Post Link
  • Tuesday:  7:45pm Old Blog Post Link
  • Wednesday:  11:45am Old Blog Post Link
  • Wednesday:  6:45pm Old Blog Post Link
  • Thursday:  7:53am Repeat of New Blog Post Link
  • Thursday:  7:53pm Repeat of New Blog Post Link
  • Friday:  10:03am Old Blog Post Link
  • Friday:  10:03pm Old Blog Post Link
  • Saturday:  8:53am New Blog Post Link
  • Saturday:  9:53pm New Blog Post Link
  • Sunday:  7:45am Old Blog Post Link
  • Sunday:  7:45pm Old Blog Post Link



I bet you didn’t even think that Pinterest was for photographers too.  I find that it’s hard to help photogs understand that traffic to their site can actually bring them clients & money.  But it’s true!

Because Pinterest is at the tippy-top of the social platform and driving the most traffic you need to focus your attention on it.  It’s the perfect place to help clients with interests, tips, DIY, pain points and SHARE YOUR BLOG POSTS!

You can bring in thousands of readers to your blog if you are pinning your new blog posts and repinning your old ones.

If you are unsure of how to use Pinterest to get more traffic please take a look at this course I created for people just like you.

Tip:  I take the first day of every month to schedule my Pins.  I use the app Tailwind to repin what I’ve already pinned for blog posts.  

Why?  Because someone may have missed the original pin I did (remember people aren’t on social media their entire 24hrs a day) and I want to make sure I repin it to get it in front of them.

I repin at least 30 or more of my old blog posts each month.  

After each new blog post is written I pin that as well, which puts it into the loop of content.  Currently I get over 7,000 visitors to my blog every month justfrom Pinterest.

What app helps you do this simply?  Tailwind.  Try it, you’ll kiss me later.  Better than any other Pinterest scheduler, including Buffer.


Driving traffic to your blog from your Newsletter

I'm hoping you read our article about newsletters (and this one)

because this is something that is going to allow you to reach your audience – plus it’s vital in marketing.

It does take a delicate hand though.  If you are just sending them “what’s new” they may feel like you haven’t earned a space in their inbox.  But if you chat with your audience, like it’s only one person you are writing to, you will see an increase in open rates.  Apps like Mailchimp & Convertkit (my fav) allow you to even address the audience by their first name, increasing the click rate even more.

So how do you write a newsletter with your blog posts?  I actually like to take a different approach then just putting part of the blog into the email and then saying “click more to read”.

Instead, I like to chat with them like I’m telling a girlfriend

“Hey Beth.  I just wrote and article about how to drive traffic to your blog.  I often see photogs like you mentioning it’s something they need a better understanding on.  I remember being frustrated when I first started.  I would write and incredible post, knowing it can help my clients, but then it was crickets.  Well I took all the tips and tools I learned along the way and created this easy-to-follow solution.  Here is the link if you want to check it out.  Hope you are having an amazing day!  xx&o, Stacie”

What app helps you do this simply?  I previously used Mailchimp.  It was free, and who doesn’t like that.  But I recently moved over to Convertkit because it allows me a better reach and customizable sequence series ensuring I don’t duplicate efforts (anyone new to your list gets added to any old emails if you create a sequence).

I’m all about not duplicating work, but rather I’m all about streamlining everything – and email sequences are the bomb for this.  (If you’re not sure what these are, check back on our blog soon where we are going to dive in and teach you how these can free up your time!)

Frequency of sending?  Newsletters are tricky.  If you send too often people will unsubscribe.  If you send too infrequently you become an afterthought and they will unsubscribe.  I find that popping in once a week is perfect.  You can set up this cadence in your sequence of emails easily using one of the apps mentioned above.



Driving traffic to your blog via Instagram is not as easy as the other social media facets because you can’t put links in the comments. Or you have to change the link in your bio every time if you want to link to new blog posts all the time straight from your Instagram.

However, I’ve found a way to work around this and use Instagram to drive traffic to my blog. You can read about it here.



Anyone who gives you their email address in return for receiving regular newsletters is a very qualified lead.

They wouldn’t give you their email address unless they were at least marginally interested in you and your services, right?

A great way of using blog posts to increase your newsletter subscribers is by creating a free PDF download that covers a topic your client may find useful. Something like, ‘My Favorite Wedding Vendors’ if you’re a wedding photographer, for example.

This is a great way to not only grow your email list, but also to provide your potential clients and readers with great, useful content.

You can put a link and info at the bottom of your blog posts that say something like, ‘Click here and sign up to get my top list of wedding vendors in the area!’

You could even create a PDF of the blog post itself and use that as a freebie; people often don’t have time to read an entire blog post, so if you give them the option of getting the blog post sent to them via email for them to read at any time, that’s another way of providing them with content and in turn, growing your email list. After all, the content is only useful to them if they read it, right? So make it as easy as you can for them!



As you can see, you cannot just write a blog and hope for readers.  You have to actually take the time to ensure you are hitting some of the hottest platforms that will drive the traffic back to your site.  You are responsible for scheduling posts, and enough posts on these sites to drive them back to yours.  Your reach depends on your efforts.


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    This is amazing. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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    You are so welcome! Love to help share what I’ve learned along the way :)

  • Stacie Jensen

    Heck yes! Let me know if you have any other questions about website traffic & make sure you peek at our Pinterest blog post because Pinterest can be a huge way to grow your audience. It’s my #1 traffic source with over 9k visits a month alone.

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    Thanks for mentioning my Kissmetrics article Stacie! :)

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    This is awesome! I just launched my lifestyle blog so I’m definitely going to use some of these Facebook and Twitter tips!!

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