How To Easily Drive Traffic From Instagram To Your Blog

Instagram is a bit more tricky than the other social sites for pushing blog traffic because they don’t allow you to put links directly in your post.

You must tell your reader that the link is in your bio.

But who has time to track down a link and update your bio every time? (No one, that’s who.)

I recently racked my brain on how I could do this in a more streamlined approach (since you all know I’m all about organization & saving time).  And here is what I came up with.



It’s just about as easy as it sounds, but here’s a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind when you put it together:

  • Go to your website and create a page called something like “Welcome Instagram Friend”
  • At the top you can even provide a special discount for this visitor to make them feel special
  • Use a plugin that will add your top recent posts so that if you publish an image on Instagram and want them to read that article they can find it easily right there
  • Also make sure your main website menu is also visible from this page so viewers can easily navigate to other spots on your website (the longer they stay on your website, the better!).
  • Add a search box if they want to find an older article
  • Add your top products that you talk about often on Instagram
  • Sign up for your newsletter opt-in

Wahhhllaaa – you have just ensured that your Instagram landing page will have all the things you might talk about right at their fingertips.

Remember each month to update things if you have a new incentive or marketing idea you want to push to them.

Here’s some other ideas of things you’ll want to put on this page:

  • Contest and/or giveaway rules (if you’re doing a contest or giveaway via Instagram)
  • Links to a couple of your most popular and/or helpful blog posts
  • Info about how they can sign up and receive your freebie (if you have one, which you should!)
  • A link to a post showcasing your best and most recent work (like a "Best of 2016!" or "Favorite Summer Sessions")
  • A link to a post about helpful resources in your area, relevant to your target audience (for wedding photographers, for example, this could be a post with your favorite wedding vendors in the area - bonus points if the post has images on it that you took of the vendor and/or their product!)
For more ideas, you can see an example of our Instagram landing page here: Colorvale's Instagram Welcome Page

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