OMG ... it happened to me! Facebook purgatory

OMG ... it happened to me!  Facebook purgatory

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I have one of the best tips for you right here, but I only learned it after I experienced this hell I wish upon no one that runs a business on Facebook.

Friday morning was so productive here at Colorvale.  

I was announcing the launch of our latest Lightroom Preset collection called The Nightcap.

Eeekkkk … launches are so exciting and nerve racking!

But everything was going great.  People were excited to try the sample I released.

The testimonials were flying in about how much people liked it.

I rushed to my computer to see the comments I had just gotten a notification for and then the hell began!

Imagine my surprise when I realized …


and for what?

Their reasoning was “impersonating” Stacie Jensen.  Clearly this means I was impersonating myself, since it is me.  I am me.  I am Stacie Jensen.  Duhhhh …

They disabled my personal profile for impersonating myself (smh)

No big deal.  I quickly sent them a copy of my license.  

They certainly can’t deny this mug belongs to me.

And it got worse (if that’s possible)

I had never given anyone else admin access to my business page or groups & I quickly realized THOSE WERE GONE TOO (because my personal profile was attached to them)!

My business page gone.  My group gone.


What do I do?

Well, definitely not rely on Facebook because they still haven’t fixed my access.  Though I gave them the proof they required.

Who knows how long this will take to get back.

For now I will rely on the newsletter I built (start building yours because of this alone).

It gets worse.

Not kidding.

I went to listen to music (and drink) because what can I do in the mean time?!

(don’t laugh at the size of my Grey Goose bottle, hubby loves to buy in bulk — my excuse!)

I can’t log into Spotify since I signed up with my Facebook profile!

Holy shit balls.  Are you kidding me?

I quickly realized that my whole existence depends on Facebook.  Trust me, no more!

But here’s my tip.  Create another profile and make yourself as another admin so that you have access to your business page from TWO profiles!


If this happens to you, I hope you have your double admin duties.  You can also go here to submit a request for reevaluation (just don’t expect too much from Facebook support or prompt attention).


It took 10 hours but finally Facebook sent me a message saying I was back in business.  I learned a lot of lessons from this but most importantly the following:

A – don’t sign up for other apps using my Facebook login.  Bad idea.  Bad.

B – don’t rely solely on Facebook to market your business because if they decide to take your access away you are screwed, blued and tattooed. (why does saying that make me want to watch Sons of Anarchy?!)

C – make a secondary account that you give admin access to (pages & groups) so that when the shit does hit the fan, you have backup access.

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What do you think?

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  • I had his happen o me too once! It was my real name as well but I see lots of people in my friends list with fake names! It taught me not to put all my eggs in one basket! Didn’t think about things I used FB to sign in with though. I’ll be going to change that up now.

    Tina on

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