High School Senior Photographers: Snag these FREE engagement questions for your social media

You hear the word “target market” a million times … and for good reason.

The people that you reach on social media are a large percentage of your potential clientele (if you’ve grown your following properly).

Getting those people to comment on your posts is key to expanding your reach.

Why?  Because when they comment, their friends see it too.

Those friends may potentially comment or even follow you!  Tadddaaaahhhhh … social marketing at it’s finest.

But how do you get them to comment & engage?

Easy.  By being social.  You need to ask them things that are important or relevant to their lives.

So to ensure I put my money where my mouth is, and provide you a jumping off point, I decided I would create this swipe file of engagement questions that you can schedule (using something like Buffer) for the next month.

Feel free to use these as is or customize them a bit to fit your voice.

The important thing to remember, if you aren’t already asking engagement questions, is that it takes a bit to get people talking.  It is normal, and ok, if the first few times you ask a question you only get crickets in return.

As the momentum grows, so will the comments.

Be patient.

Schedule at least one engagement question a day and alternate times so that you can find out when your audience responds most.

You can also use our social media planning tool to get you organized & structured so that you can grow your audience with a plan!


Before we dive in, I want to make sure you understand what “Engagement Questions” are and where to use them.  Engagement questions are questions that you will post to ANY social media platform to get your audience responding.

How can you use the answers?  Easy.  These answers that your audience provide can help you understand your target market, their pain points, interests & needs, but also you can use them to create blog posts.  Most importantly, they will get your audience interacting with your social media profile.  This is huge for growth.  It also allows you to be personable with them.  Don’t just ask the question and run.  Intact with them too!




If you could pick any location for your senior photos, where would you choose?

What is your favorite class?

What is your least favorite class?

Do you ride the bus or drive to school?

How many days until graduation?

What are your plans after graduation?

Will you be going away to college or staying local?

What are you planning to study or major in?

Do you have a part-time or summer job?

What are you most looking forward to after high school?

Do you play sports or participate in any extra-curricular activities?

Who is your favorite teacher? Why?

What are your school colors?

What is your school fight song?

What is your school mascot?

Favorite place to hang out with your friends?

What is your favorite fashion trend?

What fashion trend do you wish was over already?

I would never wear ______________________.  (Me? Bell bottom jeans.  Been there.  Done that.)

What is your favorite food?

Tell us 5 songs on your playlist right now.

I can’t live without _______________________.

What TV show would you binge-watch if you’re stuck at home all weekend?

What is the last movie you saw at the theater?

What is your dream job?

What was the first band or music act you saw perform live?

Does it matter to you if someone else is wearing the same dress to prom that you are wearing?

Long or short prom dress?

Do you coordinate your prom dress color with your friends?

What have you bought for your dorm room?

Tell us one piece of home you’ll be taking with you to college

If you had a super power, what would it be?

What is your dream car?

What is your favorite thing about summer?

What is your favorite holiday? Why?

What will you miss most about high school?

What is your dream vacation?

Why did you choose the college you will be attending?

What is your favorite memory of school?

Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

If you had the opportunity to take a long road-trip would you go alone, with friends, or with your family?

What is the best gift you have ever received?

How many pictures are on your phone’s camera roll right now?



How are you planning to show off your senior’s portraits?

What is the one portrait product you must have from the session?

Why are senior portraits important to you?

How are you coping with an empty nest?




Comment below some engagement questions that you have had success on.

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