5 actionable tips on how to define your business goals & stick to them


5 most important things you need to do to make sure you succeed with your business goals (there’s more than 5 but we think these are the most crucial).

1. Write them down.

The act of writing things down is actually very powerful. (And yes, I mean actually getting a pen and paper and writing stuff down and not just typing it up on a digital notebook of sorts.) No really. They've studied this stuff.

They've even studied specifically how writing down your goals can make you more likely to achieve them. Besides all of the psychological benefits of writing things down, it also helps you not have to remember everything all at once.

How many times have you had a good idea only to forget what it was? That's what we're talkin' bout. Anyway, our point is that you should write them down and think them through.

Are they reasonable?

Will they make an impact?

Why do you want to accomplish them?

What are the benefits of accomplishing these goals?

Plan your business


2. Break them up into actionable tasks.

Saying that you’re going to gross an extra $10k this year, for example, is a great goal. But what does that look like? How do you get to that point?

If you average it out over the year, that’s an extra $5k every 6 months, or an extra $833/month.

Now, what are you going to do to make the extra money? Are you going to do more in-person sales or more portrait sessions per month? How many more do you need to meet your goal? How are you going to market differently to increase your client load? Are you going to increase the amount of time you spend on marketing each week? If so, when?

Think it through, and work it down to each individual step, and think about the time required to complete each step.

It's great if you can break down a big goal into little goals and steps, but if you never schedule out or plan for the time it takes to complete them, you'll still never achieve your goals!

Make sure that tasks are accomplishable on a weekly timeline too so that you can see your efforts and achievements.  


3. Make a timeline with deadlines.

This actually goes almost hand in hand with the second tip, so make sure to work on this at the same time as you work on the previous tip.

Listing out what you want to accomplish is really good, but assigning a timeline and deadline to each goal (and each individual task) is important too.

That helps make sure that whatever goal you have, you'll complete it in a timely manner.

Or, conversely, it might make you realize that whatever goal you have is actually bigger or more involved than something you can accomplish in just one year. (And that's ok too; having long-term goals is important for your business too!).  


4. Don't go goal crazy.

Once you start actually breaking down each big goal into smaller goals, you'll realize that sometimes each large-scale goal you have is actually pretty time-intensive.

And that's ok, especially if the goal is really important to you and your business. However, what that can mean is that you will probably have to limit the number of goals you want to accomplish.

So stick to 2-3 until you have reached them. Otherwise you will have a million pots on the stove and no burners to cook with.


5. Make them quantifiable.

What will a completed goal look like?

Don't just say, "Make more money."

How much more money? $5k? $10k? More?

Don't just say, book more clients. How many more clients, and by when?

What type of clients? Engagement, wedding, etc.

If your goals are vague, you won't really be able to know when you've reached them. It'll also be harder to break them into smaller steps too.  


The Tools You Need to Help You Get There

By this point of the post you've probably recognized a theme - write stuff down, and plan it out.

We've known this for a while, which is why we specifically created a planner just for photographers.  

Yes, it has all of the trappings of a regular planner, but that's not really what makes it stand above the rest.

It also has built-in goal-setting and planning features to help you set goals (both short term and long term) and stick to them.


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    Thanks! I’m going to be actually writing out my goals tonight after reading this.

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