How to turn social media silence into engaging fans

Do you feel like all your social media & blogging efforts are a complete waste because they are immediately followed by blank stares, scrolling fingers, and silence?

You know the drill ...

Your excitement about an upcoming marketing idea sends you straight to Facebook, typing as fast as can be, releasing to the world your next discount or mini session.

Then…..crickets (besides your grandmother hitting the like button).

What did you do wrong?

Why aren’t people as excited to book, as you are to shoot?

The answer is simple.

When you just post ideas for people to spend money they don’t see the value. You must prime the pump.

Before people know they need a product they must be eased into the idea. Your relationship with potential clients comes from being a value before the money is spent.

Marketing and social media … These things take a gentle hand. They can also eat away at your confidence if you don’t see a return of engagement.

I often hear people tell me that Facebook isn’t doing the work for them. It isn’t reaching all their followers. True. Yes, it’s frustrating but much of this reason is because of you.

Social media must be social.

Social media must be engaging.

Social media must attract viewers.

Ask yourself a fair question … What posts are you creating today that beg attention from someone, drawing them in and making them want to respond, hit the share button or click a like (love) button?


This easy to follow ebook takes you through why things aren’t working for you, what you can do to change that and the proper techniques used to get your fans engaging.

What’s included in this PDF ebook:

  • Why social media isn’t working for you now
  • What you can do to change that
  • How to understand your target market
  • What types of posts are most effective
  • Proper techniques to schedule social posts
  • How to automate
  • and more!


This is a 21 page PDF ebook for those interested in properly learning how to grow their following.  These tactics are to teach you to become a helpful solution with the proper balance of marketing yourself.  You will learn what to post on social sites, blog and more!



  • Becky Mollenkamp

    This is so true. Social media isn’t a one-way street and if you treat it that way, don’t be surprised to find yourself all alone at the end of a dead-end road! I wrote a post that continues on this idea a bit with the one question you should always ask yourself before publishing any content anywhere. Hope your readers find it helpful. (No Links)

  • Amber

    Great advice! It gave me a ton to think about!

  • faye

    Great tips! Thank you!

  • Robin

    love this!

  • Narrelle Joy

    Great post! LOVED the analogy about sitting down to coffee with a girlfriend!

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