Kick the negative to the curb and plan to succeed

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Sometimes you have to give the old you the boot.

No, really.

You have to break-up with the person who isn’t letting you excel.

You have to kick the negative to the curb and plan to succeed.

I’m not successful because I doubt myself.  Quite the opposite.  

I am successful because I believe in myself.

Was this always the case? Hell no!

I am real (besides my hair color ... if we are being truthful).

I started my photography business because my son told me I should (and because I desperately needed the money).

He saw something I didn’t.

But why did it take him telling me to do it?

What the hell did a teenage boy know about life, the journey and dreams?

Simple. He didn’t have fear to create doubt.

This boy had the faith in me and a six figure salary later tells me he knew better than I did!

Fear will stop you from doing the very things that take courage and pay off dividends.

Take a freakin’ chance.

Believe in yourself. You will never know unless you close your eyes and jump.

~ Stacie

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