Eliminating Redness with Colorvale Actions

There are two main reasons we tweak images from every session in Photoshop to eliminate redness: firstly, we photograph on Maui, so our clients are often out in the sun for a few days prior to their portrait or wedding - and can you blame them?!

Secondly, we like to maintain a warm feel to our images so while the skies are pastel at sunset, our preferred editing method sometimes leaves our subjects with an undesirable orange glow.

Until I found Colorvale's Luxe Digital Retouching Photoshop Actions, I was spending waaay too much time in Lightroom and Photoshop editing and reediting to achieve a believable skin tone.

Now all it takes for me is a quick keyboard shortcut.

While the Luxe action set includes a wide range of retouching actions, for weddings I use it primarily for the skin toning segment.

I also use it a lot when we do close-up women's portraiture so I can use the actions included in the set that add more depth.

Here is an example of an image we've taken and used the "Paint On - Skin Tones" action in the Luxe set for redness (with the "Before" image on the left, and the "After" image on the right):

Eliminating Redness with Colorvale Actions


One of my favorite parts of the Colorvale retouching actions is that they work in a very subtle way while still maintaining the skin's original texture - which is so important.

There is a fine line (no pun intended) between digital retouching and morphing someone in to a poreless, alien face.

If you're looking to reduce redness in your clients' images and want an honest opinion on where to turn to make your workflow more efficient, I can safely say the Luxe Digital Retouching action is the most valuable investment I've added to my Photoshop arsenal - check it out here and give it a try.    


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