What's In Our Gear Bag

by Underwater Photography

Whether we are doing a beach portrait on Maui, a destination wedding or underwater trash the dress session, a lot of equipment comes along for the ride! Here’s what we bring along to our sessions:

3 Camera Bodies (2 5D Mark III, 1 5D Mark II)

We use three camera bodies – one for each of us and the third as a backup. When we’re doing an underwater shoot or beach portrait, at least one of the bodies is nestled inside an underwater housing.


AquaTech water housings

For underwater and water portrait sessions (like the one below), we use AquaTech housings with domes fitted for the lens we’re using at the time.

Canon 35mm f1.2 L Lens This is our favorite lens for capturing wide shots during family portraits. Usually I’ll use this lens when Adam is in the water with the AquaTech housings.  


Canon 135mm f2 L Lens This is Adam’s favorite lens for capturing close up shots while I’m using the 35mm lens!  


Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II Lens We use this lens for weddings, especially during the ceremony when it’s better to hang back a bit. If one of us is using this lens, the other will use a wider lens like the 35mm to get a variety of different shots.  


Canon 50mm f1.8 II Lens This is one of my favorite lenses, it’s not only inexpensive to buy but the quality is beautiful and it works extremely well in low light situations. Love it for bridal portraits, and detail shots during the reception.  


2-3 spare camera batteries We charge up 2-3 spare batteries for our Canon cameras just in case we need them.  


580EX II Speedlight x 2 We use natural light as much as possible, but whip these babies out for receptions and during intense guest dance routines!


Handful of rechargeable AA batteries Just in case we need to recharge our flash for the reception, there will always be a supply of rechargable batteries in our camera bag.  


Spare memory cards We carry along a couple extra Lexar 16GB memory cards in our camera bag just in case.  


Augie The most important thing in our bag is a polaroid of my boy Augie, who looks over every session from doggie heaven!   

What's on your gear list for every shoot!? Comment below!

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