I have fallen in love with photography … again!

I have fallen in love with photography … again!

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  Did I forget what I was doing in this business?  What brought me here and what makes me feel alive?  I did.  But just for a moment.  When I started out I was a photographer for the same reason many of you are today.  Because I was drawn to it.  I loved it.  Sometimes I had to drag ass to a session and then the moment I began snapping away I was alive again.  A fire within me for sure.  I always would wonder why it seemed to be such a chore to think about doing a session when I was at my best when doing them.  Unfortunately when Colorvale® came around I started taking my creativity and giving it in the form of actions rather than shooting everyday like I loved.  Yep, I love what I do, I love what I create, but had I given photography up for editing software?!  You bet your ass I did, and I can't explain why … other than I was "In Too Deep" (just watched that movie and had to throw that in there).  So from this moment on I promise to pick my camera and capture what is around me rather than sit in my office for 14 hours a day working on a computer.  I'm just not at my fullest when I am doing that. So today I decided during a very very fun morning with my girl friends, our pajamas and HEELS to pick up my camera and capture the very thing I love most … LIFE!  Welcome to my home and my happiness. All photos edited with Luxe Film ACR Presets by Colorvale®   Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2260 Did I have you at hello?!  Yes, Bloody Mary's with Bagels & Soufflés! Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2262 Nothing like a little Michigan Pickled Asparagus to go with our drinks! Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2263 Did you think I was kidding you about the pajamas and heels?  Nope.  We do that! Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2264 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2265 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2266 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2267 And since some don't drink bloody mary's they get MILK!  It does a body good. Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2268 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2269 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2270Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2271  Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2273 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2274  Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2276 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2277 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2278 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2279 Love a little fun perspective shooting. Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2281 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2282 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2283 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2284 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2285 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2286 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2287 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2288 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2289 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2291  Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2294 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2295 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2296 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2297 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2298 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2299 Look out ladies, this cutie will steal your world … even with his silly faces! Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2300 Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2301Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2303 Best mom laugh is coming up … Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2302Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2309Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2308  Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2304Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2305 Did you even know Sesame Street was still on?!  I didn't! Photoshop-Actions-Colorvale_2306     COLORVALE®


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