How to photograph from your own perspective

Stacie told me a couple years back to move around & shoot from different angles.

It seemed so simple & so obvious, but it was something I wasn't really doing. Sometimes, you look at a scene and see something great.

And many times, while it looks great that one way, there is so much more you can do if you just move around.

Move in, back up, shoot from the left, shoot from the right - from up high, middle, and low, or even bird's-eye. Then, decide which way you like it best.

Once I started moving around with my camera, it really changed my game. It's aided in my perspective. I see the light differently & see more shot opportunities, because I've trained my brain to look for them.

Here's an example of 2 simple shots of my daughter. I stumbled upon her sleeping with her "lovey" on the middle of her bedroom floor during nap time.

How to shoot from your own perspective

How to shoot from your own perspective


The light source was window light - one window on the wall directly in front of me and one to the left. I was standing in her short hallway, so the light was like a spotlight on her sweetness.  

My shutter woke her up before I could move left/right, but as you can see I was able to capture 2 effective shots of the same scene just by moving in and out.

I'm drawn to the first photo, as her momma, seeing her sweet face. However, I love the third image that showcases her tiny, STILL toddler fingers. I'd love to know which of these three images is your favorite!

Article by : Marie Masse

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