The #1 tip to successfully creating goals that are obtainable

This month we dedicated our blog to organizing your business.  Why?  Because being a successful business requires growth & that requires you not crumbling from all the weight of being an entrepreneur.

There’s a million tasks to owning a business, but without structure you will quickly fall under the pressure.

Just in case you missed them, here are a few of the great posts we dedicated to helping you get organized (hint: read them):

I hope that you truly take all of these tips and implement them into your life & business. For this to work though you must be dedicated to continuing to use them.



So many times we dream up these big goals, write them dowin our planner, but how do we get them from dream state to reality?

A goal too big can seem overwhelming and impossible. That’s why you must create small actionable tasks that you can easily complete daily, weekly, or monthly.

Each year I choose one major goal for my business.

This major goal will have small working parts that I will do daily & monthly.

Breaking it down into small actionable tasks makes it possible to conquer. 

Here is how I like to develop my goal planning:

  1. Pick one major goal that will take your business into a profitable direction such as: Grow Your Reach
  2. Pick 1-2 medium goals each month to make that major goal possible such as: Create a MailChimp account & Newsletters
  3. Pick 5-10 small actionable tasks each month to make that monthly “medium goal” possible such as: Sign up for MailChimp, Create a newsletter form, Write 2 Newsletters, Share link to signup on social media sites, Add signup to website

… And that my friend is how I keep my life & business organized. I hope you learned a lot and plan to implement these strategies into your daily schedule.


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