25 Engagement Posts for Newborn Photographers

As I’ve said a million times here on the blog, social media actually requires you to be social!  

It isn’t enough to post on ANY social media platform your latest session photo or special announcement.

You must be committed to being your audiences friend.

Keep the conversation going with these 25 engagement questions that you can copy & paste right into your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other.

Hint:  use apps such as Buffer to schedule one out per day.

Feel free to use these as is or customize them a bit to fit your voice.

The important thing to remember, if you aren’t already asking engagement questions, is that it takes a bit to get people talking.  It is normal, and ok, if the first few times you ask a question you only get crickets in return.

As the momentum grows, so will the comments.

Be patient.

Schedule at least one engagement question a day and alternate times so that you can find out when your audience responds most.

You can also use our social media planning tool to get you organized & structured so that you can grow your audience with a plan!


Before we dive in, I want to make sure you understand what “Engagement Questions” are and where to use them.  Engagement questions are questions that you will post to ANY social media platform to get your audience responding.

How can you use the answers?  Easy.  These answers that your audience provide can help you understand your target market, their pain points, interests & needs, but also you can use them to create blog posts.  Most importantly, they will get your audience interacting with your social media profile.  This is huge for growth.  It also allows you to be personable with them.  Don’t just ask the question and run.  Intact with them too!



  1. Do you know your baby’s gender?
  2. Have you chosen a name for your baby?
  3. What are the colors and theme for the baby’s nursery?
  4. What is your decorating style?
  5. Do multiples run in either family?
  6. Did you grow up in a large family or a small family?
  7. How are you preparing your pets for baby’s arrival?
  8. Do you prefer posed or lifestyle type photos?
  9. Why are newborn photos important to you?
  10. Unique name or family name?
  11. Who are you most excited to meet your baby?
  12. Are you planning a babymoon?
  13. How are you planning to show off your newborn photos?
  14. What’s your favorite snack during pregnancy?
  15. What is the most essential baby item to have?
  16. What is the least useful baby item you have received?
  17. How are you pampering yourself during pregnancy?
  18. Who do you think your baby will look like?
  19. Who will be most excited to meet your baby?
  20. What was your favorite childhood toy?
  21. Are you planning to babywear?
  22. Are you considering a Baby’s First Year photo package?
  23. Is your family local or will they be traveling to meet your baby?
  24. Have you baby-proofed you home yet?
  25. Have you picked out baby’s coming home outfit?

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