Plan your social media posts effectively. Here is how:

Tired of posting to social media outlets such as Facebook & Instagram only to hear crickets?

I’ve got the step by step solution to helping you become a social media superstar!

Ever hear of the saying, “Being a Photographer is 20% photographing & 80% office work?”

Yep, it’s a fact. And, keeping up with Social Media should be on to your to-do list too.


To introduce yourself to your market at a faster pace than word of mouth. 

As a photographer, the majority of my business comes from Facebook – even with the current drop in visibility on business pages. Word of mouth certainly is powerful, but my clients usually spread the word through Facebook via shares and tagging my page. So why not make your Facebook page work to your advantage?

Places like Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter are all great for exposure & meeting other photographers also.

But who has time to keep up with it all? It’s not as hard as you may think…



By using a resource like Buffer for scheduling, you will be able to work on the tasks that are the foundation of your company rather than being on the internet all day scrambling to keep up.

If you can’t afford to add a service like Buffer into your business plan, did you know you can schedule posts in Facebook for free? Learn more here: Scheduling Posts.

This means more time for family, clients, & wine me time.

Imagine what you could accomplish with more time AND have your business growing when you aren’t exactly present.



Who is your target market?

If you are photograph families and children, perhaps your target audience will be moms.  If you are a wedding photographer, then you want to attract bride and grooms.  Or maybe you want to sell your workshops to other photographers. Take some time to think about this because this is essential to planning.



Once you know who you are marketing, create a folder on your desktop to put things you come across that you believe will appeal to your audience. I include lots of quotes, humor, recipes, articles, tips, & more stocked up.

I also keep a running folder of the “Best of Year” so I can have my web enhanced images ready to grab at a moment’s notice. I do not put every edit in here – only my most favorites – both personal & from sessions.



Who would have thought that social media isn’t all about you?  Remember it’s “social” for a reason.  This means you need to get people chatting.  Here are 4 main categories that I find effective.



Asking readers to do something. This can include booking a session, purchasing a print product, buying a seat for your workshop, or anything else you may want to sell. Asking your audience to follow you on other sites like Pinterest, G+, or registering for your newsletter also fall into this category.  Example:

When was the last time you had photos taken of your kids with you in it? How about updating your walls with some recent photos? Book your session by visiting or email me at



Engagement is important, because it gives your audience a taste of your personality.  Also their friends will see their engagement, which can lead to a new fan or follower for you!

This will build a sense of friendship that will likely make them stick around. Throw in a little humor once in a while. Be a fun, positive page!

You can snag our free list of engagement posts here for newborn photographers, here for senior photographers and here for wedding photographers.

Below is an example of what engagement posts look like:


Who in your family is most likely to be the first to raid the fridge for Turkey leftovers?

What store would be your go-to first for shopping for your photography session wardrobe with me?




You are a business after all – so rock what’cha got! Post old archived images, something recent, sneak peeks, and even current or old blog posts from your site. You should even include client testimonials!



What will peak your potential client’s interest? Articles or news about other vendors your potential client may shop or interact with can be interesting. If your target audience is a mom, then anything related to children, family, mom humor. Perhaps a shooting or client tip. The possibilities here are endless – the trick is to stock up as you come across the juicy stuff!


To learn more about social media posts download this e-book where we teach you step-by-step how to grow your audience.



We’re going to encourage this for Facebook or Google+, but truly you can take this idea and apply it to any of your social media platforms. Make a 30 day goal to have posts to fill your calendar with 3 posts per day.

Since you don’t want to be all Sally Salesy, you’ll want to mix up your posts. Try to create a variation of posts between morning, early afternoon, and evening – but being consistent is important. This will help you to easily track when people are most likely to click a link or engage with the different post types.

If you use Facebook Insights or Google Analytics for you website, you can look back & see what days you have the highest amount of action & also the lowest. Then, you can go back to those days and see what was working & what was not.



  • Kirsten

    This article is so helpful!

  • Stacie Jensen

    Hi Theresa. At this current time Google is still pushing G+ on searches so it will help. Also it doesn’t take more of your time if you are using buffer to send posts to G+ since you are doing it already for FB and Twitter.

  • Jenn

    I see this was written a long time ago, but the social media planner doesn’t exist anymore… Can someone please send me a copy??… thank you

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  • Amber Inman

    I am beyond excited to find this social media planner!! This is something I am terrible need of and want to get better at, thank you thank you!!

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