5 Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Following

Social media isn't about chance.

It isn’t enough to pin your blog post and cross your fingers, hoping that someone will take action.

You’ve got work to do.

If you think your social media will work for you without you creating the proper environment for it to go viral you’re crazy wrong.

Social media isn’t about chance and certainly not all about you, it’s about your audience.

It’s about creating a place where they love to see what you post.

It’s a place where your audience should want to see you (if you are doing it properly). It’s NOT a place for you to spam or shove down their throats who you are. It’s where you dish them up a plate full of valuable information that serves them.

One of the biggest social media fails (and loss of followers) is when someone creates an environment about THEMSELVES, rather than the viewer.

Think about the friend who you meet for lunch and rather than swap back and forth some updates on life, she takes the floor to spill all her details, her wins, her needs, her growths.

You sit back sipping your afternoon totti, wondering when the hell she will ever stop rambling. Then ask yourself how excited you will be to schedule your next lunch session?


But does Pinterest really help your company?

Let me break it down for you.

You are a wedding photographer (just pretend for a minute if you are not.)

You pin an outside blog post from a boutique about how to not stress out on your wedding day. You didn’t write it. It’s not your website. So how does it help you?

BENEFIT #1: This naturally is important to a bride (your target), it hits home (her pain-point) and she repins. When this happens it increases your reach. Others may see your Pinterest account from her repin & also follow you (growth).

BENEFIT #2: A bride searching for wedding info (not currently your follower) will also find this post in an organic search and they may follow you (growth).

BENEFIT #3: The boutique you repinned from sees that you repinned their item and they follow you. Now when you post that pin from your own blog they may reshare it (wahooo growth again).

Pinterest is about creating a relationship with your follower. It has to start with this first. It has to be a real friendship where you are sharing things you know they want to see & love. Only after you create this environment will you obtain traffic from it (i.e. blog posts you pin).

Many times people will confuse Pinterest as a platform to just advertise first. That will never organically grow your following. Be their friend!


It's all about gaining traffic.

Pinterest isn’t about repins exactly, it’s about traffic that comes to your blog from those repins.

It isn’t enough to just share a pretty picture on Pinterest. How in the world will that bring you traffic or possible revenue? You have to ensure they click through to your site. This starts with a strong pin image that tells them exactly what you want them to do.


They are called “Call To Actions” and for a very good reason. You are directly telling the viewer what they should do with this awesomeness you are putting in front of them.

The image you use on Pinterest is going to determine how viral it is. Ask yourself “Am I pinning each blog post I write?” “Is it getting repinned?”

Reasons why your pins aren’t working:

You don’t have text – just a photo. How do I, as a viewer scanning my pin feed, know if I want to read the post if there is nothing to tell me what it’s about?


The image for your blog posts should be Pinterest size, so using a program like Canva is quick and simple. Canva is free, so why not!  

One of the things I love best about Canva they do much of the work for you. There are even FREE layouts — so being a graphic designer is not necessary to create a sexy & cohesive look!

The image should be pleasing to the eye, but clearly state what the blog post is about. This is also where you can start to be brand consistent.


Stop & read because this is some important info right here.

Even if you do create the most perfect image you can’t stop there. You must also create the perfect ALT Tag for it.

When uploading an image to a website it needs an Alt Tag so that Google knows what the picture is but also so that when people repin it they have the perfect words already written to share. If you are using WordPress this is super simple to do.

Just fill this info in when “Uploading” in the “Attachment Details” box (featured below)


5 Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Following  


Below I am going to share with you 5 Actionable Tasks to help grow your Pinterest following.  These are just a couple of the tasks included in my 30 Days To Pinterest Dominance Course.  If you are interested in more info click here

Step 1:  Verify your website.

This is the first step in truly building trust with your audience.

It is important every step of the way that you are branding you website, social media accounts and ensuring that your visitors feel you are truly the “real deal”.

If you have already done this you can grab a glass of your favorite wine or even a warm tea because this day just got a whole lot easier for you.

Why confirm? “Confirming that you own your website adds your profile picture to any Pin that came from your site.

You’ll also get access to website analytics so you can see what people are Pinning from your website. To confirm, you need to be able to edit your website’s HTML code.” – resource Pinterest

Action: Go to https://www.pinterest.com/settings/

Scroll down to Profile & click “Confirm” website.

There will be actionable steps to take.


5 Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Following


Step 2: Search for phrases & repin viral pins

Repining items that are interesting to your target market will get your pins repinned.

This is a simple theory in marketing.

Provide content that will help, interest and excite your audience.

Repinning should be at least 50% of your activity. Also, Pinterest uses a weighted algorithm which means that it does not show Pins by the order they come in but rather by whats most interesting to their audience.

For instance if you are a wedding photographer look for things you know your bride is searching too: DIY, wedding dress ideas, honeymoons, etc. Look for the largest repins & repin 5 a day.

The key to doing it this way: searching key phrases is that Pinterest will deliver results with HIGH repin rate. Find those that are large and repin but make sure you check links.


5 Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Following

Step 3: Find Leaders In Your Niche

Leaders in your industry, who have large followings, are reaching far on Pinterest.

If you repin their content you are most probably pinning valuable items, but also could get followed back by the leader once they notice you.

Don’t go over board. A few a week is fine. If they follow you and then repin one of your pins then bammmm – you in business! Now you reached even more people!

For example:
A photographer could follow noteworthy vendors in their niche such as a cake decorator, videographer, DJ, wedding coordinator and dress shop.

The point is to find 5 this week that have very large followings. Then repin one of their pins per day for a week or more. This creates a relationship.

Nourish it by commenting, liking and repining their pins. The hope is not only to create a network but importantly to get them to follow you back, like YOUR pins, repin YOUR pins – which, in turn, will grow your following.

Step 4: Add Your Pin Board To Your Blog

Serving up a sneak peek of the hottest pins can let someone know how valuable your educating Pinterest board is to them. Remember it’s all about how it can help their lives or business.


Go to the Pinterest board you want to add & click the 3 dots “…” and click “Make Widget”

Then go to your blog widget area, add a “text” & paste the code

Pinterest has created this amazing Widget Builder platform that will make adding whole boards, follow buttons or sneak peek pins easy to get on your website: https://business.pinterest.com/en/widget-builder

See example of ours on the right side of this post.

Step 5:  Schedule Your Pins

To ensure you are efficient in your business there are really amazing tools that will automate the process of pinning.

(also check out our Pinterest planning tools)

The benefit to this is that you can schedule out a month at a time, you can make sure you have a healthy mix of content, you can balance the pins with outside sources + your items so that you aren’t being too “into yourself:”, you can ensure that you have the proper amount of interest categories shared that keeps your followers in tune with your account.

Post approximately 5-10 times a day. Include items on your audiences interest list, outside blog posts, leaders in your industry, your blog posts, quotes etc.

Our favorite tool to schedule Pinterest is Tailwind. The reason for this is, you can repin from that app things that are viral at the moment.

... and there you have it:  5 Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Following

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