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Photo by Anne Edgar on Unsplash

Photo by Anne Edgar



Many wedding photographers get into this niche because of the apparent large demand for work.

However, when you’re marketing your wedding photography business, you’re not always attracting the types of clients you want to work with.

You might get inquiries from potential clients that have a lower budget than you'd like, they might have crazy requests or they might just simply “not feel right.”

So you scratch your head and wonder why the demand for your services is from the wrong type of people?

Here's our tip for you:


Define the best client before you do any marketing

One of the first things wedding photographers need to do in order to be successful is to get ridiculously clear on the kind of client that’s the perfect client.

Honestly, this differs for each and every wedding photographer out there.


Photo by Orio Nguyen on Unsplash

Photo by Orio Nguyen


Why is something so nebulous so important?

Because without clarity on your ideal target market, you cannot market your business to them well.

Your marketing will feel all over the place to both you and the audience you’re trying to attract.

Once you get this right, things get much, much easier.

For example, if I'm a wedding photographer serving a radius of 60 miles around my own physical location, I want to determine the type of couple I want to attract.

Why? Because once I can determine who my ideal couple is, I can start studying them and find out:

    • the top 5 wedding locations they're likely to book for their wedding, so that I can get on their preferred vendor list
    • the kinds of other wedding services they're likely to hire (caterers, videographers, florists, dj's, bands, etc) to get on their preferred vendor lists
    • the vendors, bridal events or other marketing avenues that don't allow you to connect to your ideal potential couple, so you can not waste your time with them

The saying "there are riches in niches" is true

When I first launched Steel Toe Images, I worked with a wedding photographer that had tried broad marketing with very little success.

So we worked together to get ridiculously specific about the type of couple she wanted to work with.

She didn't want couples considering weddings at halls, country clubs or hotels.

She only wanted couples considering renting a barn, winery or factory (yes factory).

The list went on and on.

She became so specific with her ideal client that she customized her website form to very quickly weed out the couples that weren't a perfect fit for her.

Her form included questions that went way beyond asking for a couple's wedding date and email address.

And if the inquiries didn't respond in the way she wanted, she referred them to other photographers, instead.

Her insanely specific niche allows her to average $7,500 per wedding and enjoy a calmer lifestyle by only booking 2-3 weddings per month during their busy season.   


In conclusion

Becoming mindful of the type of client you want will help grow your business and your income.  To help you define better who this client is grab this limited time free worksheet.


Article by Angela Pointon Photography


  • Martin Hemsley

    Thanks Stacie for all your advice.I also really enjoyed your presentation on the Book More Brides summit recently. Have a great week.

  • Stacie Jensen

    Oh I am so glad you popped over to listen to that summit. It was so fun to share with everyone!

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