How To Adjust White Balance Using A Gray Card

White balance can be tricky and even a big headache when editing images.  

You know the story ... you are super excited to rush home and see the goodies on your camera only to find out that your white balance was so off that the time needed to fix it in Photoshop is enough to drive you insane.  

For under $20 I stumbled upon the solution that you can use every time you go on a shoot - because it's simply that amazing and easy to do!  

I bought this gray card from Amazon - you can find it here:  WhiBal G7 Certified Neutral White Balance Card - Pocket Card (2.1"x3.35").  

For under $20 this little gadget is going to change your world!  




Step 1 - The Setup Shot

Take a test photo, correct exposure and place the gray card in the area you will be focusing.  You can have your subject hold this near their face to get the best skin color.  


Step 2 - Take The Real Photograph

You can remove the gray card from the scene after you have a good test shot.  


Step 3 - The Editing Begins

Open the raw files into Photoshop and click on the gray card image.  

Adjust exposure to this image first as well as sharpening.  This is important to do FIRST. Next select the white balance dropper found on the horizontal toolbar and then click on the gray card.  

Your photo will be properly white balanced at this time. Next Click on the drop down button over in your tools section seen below and click "Save Settings".  

Save preset  


Step 4 - Applying To Other Photos

Now that you have saved your white balanced preset for this session you can click on all the images from that session and then go back to the drop down in your tools and "Load Settings".  That's it.  

Simple and Easy!  

How To Adjust White Balance Using A Gray Card

How To Adjust White Balance Using A Gray Card


  • Stacie Jensen

    It absolutely is Traci! The gray point allows you to balance anywhere you are.

  • Traci

    Thank you! I have been looking into a white balance tools. Is this like or better than an expo disc or the best option in your opinion?

  • Traci

    Is this good for outdoors as well or just indoors?

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