An open letter to that photographer just starting out ...

An open letter to that photographer just starting out ...

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Dear patiently waiting for your chance ...

If you are just starting out in this photography business, know that you aren't alone.

Fun fact:  every professional photographer was once NOT a professional.

It wasn't long ago that the photographer you're drooling over currently, was right where you are standing.

Don't be discouraged by your growth cycle.

You're going to do many things during this process, such as compare yourself to someone who has had years and years of experience.

... and that's going to make you feel like total dog shit. (I know because I've done it.)

You're going to doubt yourself once you do this. (yep, I've done that too)

But I'm here to tell you not to quit!

Don't you dare do that to yourself.

You are just as capable of growing into those shoes that anyone else wears.

You see ... people don't just wake up successful.  

They work to get there.

Successful people fail. a lot. and often.

Successful people try harder.

Successful people are determined.

Successful people get scared.

Successful people push past it.

The truth is, your success is going to happen.  You just need to encourage yourself and know that all these feelings are normal.

So PULL UP those professional britches you now wear and START making a change in the way you think.

Here is my advice to you:


Be a sponge

Learn everything that's thrown at you.  Read lots and lots of blogs.  Go to workshops.  Try a million different settings on your camera.  Most of all, don't stop learning.

Here are a few blogs that we love & trust, all about teaching photographers (bookmark these for later):

... just to name a few :)

    Get legal

    Before you make a million mistakes, protect yourself.  This is not something that a professional can overlook.  Get a contract.  Get a model release.  Get legalized.  Do it now.  I always recommend using thelawtog + contracts.  Get them here + she has an awesome blog to teach you more about the legal aspect.


    Get a website

    Seriously!  To look professional, you must present yourself as one.  You don't need to spend thousands of dollars, many websites are free.  Just get on the map.  Start with Wordpress, it's much easier than you think!


    Learn to edit your images 

    Don't even think about skipping this part!  You are not doing your business or your clients any favors by editing on your phone, or some crazy pic app you found that gives you filters.  Use a professional editing application such as Photoshop or Lightroom.  Start learning everything about this app.  This is where your business will explode, when your photos look like you take the time to produce them.  We provide free tutorials, Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets to help you.


    Be helpful

    As you take on this new roll of professionalism, don't be that photographer.  You know the kind I speak of.  You probably even met him/her before.  That person you look up to who refuses to help you also climb the ladder.  Don't be her.  Be humble.  Let's make this industry a happy place.


    and I repeat DON'T GIVE UP!

    When you go forward and it feels like you are stumbling into brick walls, when it seems like no one will answer your questions, know that there are people like me who want to help you.  Maybe you just need some advice, someone to encourage you, someone to pat you on the back, you can find that here.


    Now, how do you help someone just like you?  Share or pin this blog post.  Spread the encouraging word!

    xx&o, your friend Stacie from Colorvale


    An open letter to new photographers - CLICK HERE to read this!



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    What do you think?

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    • I really needed this, thank you so much ❤️

      Nadine on
    • Thanks for amazing advice and motivation. Greetings from Poland. xoxo

      Zuzia on
    • Thank you! Amazing advice!

      Tammy on
    • I needed this like a duck needs water this morning. I had an established business in mo, and then due to military relocation get to start all over in PA. I ha r been truly struggling this week and everything had been just straight frustration. Then last night I realized I am starting all over, and I have to do what I did when I started. Not what I did after I had clients. Thank you foe the encouragement

      Michelle on
    • Nice post. I think everyone had a time where they wanted to delete everything they have done to date.

      Mark on

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