Announcing our new ornament templates & how to use them

Call me crazy but I already have my Christmas tree decorated.

I'm aware that we haven't even gotten to Halloween yet.  

Heck, we still have Thanksgiving before Santa gets here.

 But I can't help myself, and for one really good reason.

... no, I don't mean for my own tree-loving-and-everything-glittery obsession  -- thats a give in.  I meant for you!

Holiday Snow Globe Templates for photographers


I'm so excited to announce this years ornament templates (and that requires a decorated tree -- a win win for me).  

I'm kinda known for these beauties and I certainly can't disappoint this season!

Every year we launch what turns out to be the hottest little gifts for your clients and their session bonus.

Ok, enough babbling, I'm thrilled to show the you new lineup, so here it is :)



Can it be more adorable?!  The good news is, you buy this once and can use it year after year with all your clients!


Snow Globe Template for Photographers


Get yours here


But how does it work?

Photographers who add this to their toolbox simply download the template and add their clients photo inside the globe or ornament.  Takes just minutes.


Why would a photographer want to buy a snow globe or ornament template?

Easy.  It's a special piece you can add to your holiday offers.  You can choose to gift this to clients who book within your November-December calendar.  Bonuses like this are a great way to get bookings.  Everyone wants a little something exclusive.

Or you can add this to your session offers.  This can be an upsell or add-on to what you already offer.


What does a client do with this once I add their image to it?

These are perfect for printing as holiday cards.  Send them to your favorite professional printer and now you have a customized piece of goodness that your clients will love.


Here is a tutorial on how to use snow globes in general.

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