How To Automate & Schedule Pinterest Pins

I might just become your best friend!  Not kidding.

You can kiss me later.

So this year I have been trying to find ways to automate my life.  It’s true that I can’t wear all the hats around here or do everything in one day.  So why not automate the easy stuff?   Well, it wasn’t easy until I found Tailwind!

Pinterest is a platform that brings about 60% of our traffic to our blog.  That’s huge!  It’s a great way to share photos, blog posts and even products.

Why not automate that?

The great thing is Tailwind allows you to “repin” your old pins on a schedule!  This is super slick.  You can quickly find your most popular pins & repin them easily with one click of a button.

“You mean to tell me I can repeat something so I don’t have to do it again in the future?”  Yep, that’s exactly what it means.

You see, people once thought that you shouldn’t repeat a pin you already did to keep boards clean.  Well they are wrong!  Think about how many users are scanning through Pinterest on their phone.  They aren’t looking at boards.  They are looking at their feeds.  That means they don’t care if you put something in there today that you added 6 months ago.  The times have changed.  Feeds make life easier.  Much of the traffic on Pinterest is not looking AT boards but rather seeing what’s being posted at that moment by people you follow.

So my tip to you is to schedule & Pin every single one of your blog posts in Tailwind, to one or more of your Pinterest boards and then once a month go a repin at least a dozen or more of the most popular ones.  Life can’t get better than that!

This type of activity is what has helped our following grow to 77k people.  That’s huge!




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