Automate Your Business With These Tools For Photographers (& others)

Automate Your Business With These Tools For Photographers (& others)

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We have had our fair share of "app" relationships and some have ended in serious breakups.  

Here is the list of our top favorite Automated Apps for Photographers.  

Of course this is just our opinion and we know that you may also have some favorites.  

Feel free to list them in the comments section below.    





Buffer is the key to letting us be in more than one place at a time.  Without it I am sure I would fall under the pressure of having more to do than time allows.  

Once you create an account with Buffer you will be able to start scheduling all of your social media posts for a month or more.  

This is perfect for those busy seasons where you want to stay in front of your audience but don't have time to chat.  

We have tried many other sites which are also great like Hootsuite but we have always gone back to Buffer because it is clean & organized. Something we need in this office.    



Latergram allows you to schedule Instagram posts … need I say more about that deliciousness?!  OMG, talk about convenient!  Who knew?!  This can save you a ton of time. I like to get done an entire week at a time or more if I can.    



Coschedule allows you to organize, plan and schedule your blog posts within WordPress.  This is really important so that you can see what is coming up, what needs to be posted such as a session and the most efficient timing of them all.    



Otherwise known as If This Then That - Works conveniently with Buffer.  You can set up rules such as "If I post an image to Instagram THEN automatically post it to Facebook".   BAM!  Kid got mad skills :)  Or "If I post to Facebook THEN send to my Buffer Google + Account" or "If I post an image to Facebook THEN automatically post it to Tumblr" or "If I post to Flickr THEN automatically post to 500px" or "Share new blog posts to my Twitter account" ... the opportunities are endless.  Can you see where this would save you time?



Hold the phone because we have some excitement … Tailwind is an app to schedule you Pins to Pinterest.  Now I'm your best friend right?!  I thought so!  Secret society up in here.  It's probably the most genius Pinterest scheduler out there and my best friend!  You can schedule, repin, and analyze all within the app.    


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