How to automate your photography business & keep it flowing

I have an amazing tip for you.

This is going to take some dedication to doing and should be part of your weekly time block we talked in this blog post.  



Schedule your social media posts in advance (aka Automate). You can choose to schedule out all posts for an entire week or go one step further and do it for an entire month.

I like to do an entire month at a time so that I can relieve the stress of worrying about whether I am posting consistently.

There is nothing worse than being tethered to your phone or computer. This task will relieve you & allow you more time for a healthy life/business balance.

Social media takes effort & direction. You need a plan and that plan starts with automation.



I, myself, prefer Buffer! It’s even free.  Others I have tried:  Sendible, Hootsuite, and Edgar.

But what do you post?

How do you know if what you are sharing is going to get interaction from your audience?

Easy. You need to create a “category” schedule.

By “category” I mean the “type” of post such as engagement posts, tips & tricks, ads, testimonials, sneak peeks, new blog posts, old blog posts, past sessions, etc.

This will tell you what types of posts need to go out on which days & time-slots before you schedule them.

In the Colorvale "Photographers Planner" we have a page (each month) dedicated to social media planning. The method behind this page is to write down important categories such as: engagement posts, quotes, tips, blog posts, other social platform links, email newsletter sign-ups, outside blog posts, and finally, ads.

Once you have all your categories written down, delegate days & timeslots that these category posts will go out.

The trick here is to balance all of these categories in a way that 80% of the time you are helping your audience with their pain points and 20% of the time you are selling your product to them. 

For example:

Mondays: Inspirational Quote 8:53am, Engagement Post 7:33pm

Tuesdays: Helpful Tip 10:53am, Share link of another social media site you own 8:30pm

Wednesdays: Engagement Post 11:45am, New Blog Post 6:53pm

Thursdays: Email Newsletter Sign-up 7:30pm

Fridays: Ad 8:55am, Past Blog Post 8:05pm

Saturdays: Testimonial 11:03am

Sundays: Outside Helpful Blog Post 10:53am

As you can see from this example, and why I lay it out like this, that I have a great balance of helping my audience, providing interest, & then softly selling to them.

This is the key to all social media posts. Facebook does not like overly promotional pages & neither do audiences. Keep that in mind when planning what you will post. Be helpful to your audience – that way they come to see you as someone they can trust and someone who helps them on a daily basis instead of just someone who wants to take their money.

Not sure what your audience wants to see? Easy. Write down who they are. How they spend their time. What they talk about with their friends. What their pain points are. Imagine being their buddy. What would you talk to them about that doesn’t relate to your business? These answers are what you will structure your posts around.

Because here’s the thing, if you are all about you, they will be all about unfollowing you. If, however, you are all about them, then they will keep being interested in what you have to say. I developed this easy to use Client Evaluation & Discovery PDF to help you understand who your client is and what posts they want to see (click here to download it for free). 

Bam! I’m out of your inbox once again love but this time with a serious need of having an afternoon martini because my business tasks are complete for the day. See how freeing up your time can benefit your personal life too?

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  • tal

    I am very glad i came across your post on Pinterest.
    very glad.

    thank you for all the tips and for the way you project them.
    seems like i have lots of work to do now!!

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