What is the best way to get my clients to write a testimonial after their session?

There is more to a website than just a few fancy photos to display your work.

Just as important are testimonials from your clients.  

How often do you shop online and look at the reviews?  

How often do those reviews weigh heavily on your decision to buy?  

Your clients are no different! This is just one of the steps in your workflow you must implement.

If you are not asking your happy clients to write a few sentences about their experience you are missing out on the bragging and showcasing that you deserve.  

There are so many ways you can effectively go about getting this from a client. My personal favorite is to ask during the gallery viewing.  

What better moment then when your client is most excited about their new photos and willing to give you a gift back for the wonderful work you have done.

Client testimonials are a very important part of your marketing strategy. Here are some great tips on how to get clients to write a review about their photo session.

Below you will find suggestions by other photographers in your industry:



Give all clients a post-session survey with incentive to complete the survey. Something like if you complete the survey by xx date receive a print credit for your next session or make it totally non-photo related & maybe a starbucks gift card in a small denomination. says Pam M. Grand Inspirations

In gratitude, you can offer a free print for taking the time to write a testimonial. says Cindy O’Neil

When they express their gratitude for a session, I use that as my opening to ask for a testimonial. I usually say something like “I am so happy that you are happy. I love my job so much and it is because of people like you. Ninety percent of my work is attained through word of mouth. Would you mind taking a moment to write a brief statement about your experience?”. says Paige R Everson

Offer a quick online client satisfaction survey asking a few q’s about their experience with you, and then have a spot for comments asking “what would you tell others about your experience with xyz photography?” Hoping they would leave nice comments! says Monda Goette

I usually just ask. I find that most people are more than willing to help. Sometimes they need/want a little direction. So it helps to say: ‘what did you love most about your recent session?’ Or something that helps direct them to the answers you are looking for. says Jennifer Burden

If I know they were stoked with the images we just ask, usually it’s helpful to let them know if most of your business comes from word of mouth and testimonials. says Shawn Marie Ravazzano

Sometimes I send a little note with their package thanking them for letting me take their photos, telling them if they have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and if they wouldn’t mind writing a little review. If they are 100% satisfied then most people would be happy to. I know when I am totally stoked about a new product or a service I let them know how great they were, or the product is. (Vise-versa, too.. if I’m very unhappy I will let them know. I would hope that if someone was unhappy with their service that I provided, they would tell me so I could fix it. says Jenny Whitehouse Haik

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