Best Wordpress Plugins For Photographers


We have had our fair share of "plugin" relationships and some have ended in serious breakups.  

Here is the list of our top favorite Wordpress Plugins for Photographers.  The great thing about this list is it's not just comprised of really cool plugins that do nothing more than make your site interactive, these actually have serious purpose!

Of course this is just our opinion and we know that you may also have some favorites.  Feel free to list them in the comments section below.



  1. Akismet - to us this is where you start building your plugin list.  Its the protection from spam comments that everyone is familiar with. We can't live without this!
  2. Backup Buddy - not a day goes by that we don't wish we hadn't found this plugin AFTER THE FACT!  Yep, we have been victim to a site crash with 36 hours of no sleep redoing the entire thing by hand.  Not any more!  We use Backup Buddy every day to protect ourselves.  Its a life saver!
  3. EWWW Image Optimizer - being a photographer who blogs often its important to optimize your photos.  A website full of images can take far too long to load and lose potential clients.
  4. Google XML Sitemap - an SEO must!  You need to give the search engine spiders something to crawl, right?!  This takes all the work out of your hands.
  5. Total Cache - This will save you a ton on load time, again another SEO must!
  6. SEO Friendly Images - Automatically adds ALT and title attributes to your photographs, a time saver!
  7. WordPress SEO - an all in one SEO solution helping you optimize your site.  This has saved me so much time and helped my google ranking.


When using plugins it is imperative that you keep them up-to-date.  This is for the healthy and security of your site.  

Also remember prior to updating, deleting or making changes to wordpress you should make a backup.  

You never know if something doesn't like what you have just done and you are in the dog house for not preparing for the worst!  Backup. Backup. Backup.  You won't regret it.      


  • Stacie Jensen

    I absolutely love Yoast for that!

  • Craig Rentmeester

    Hi Stacie,

    Thank you for this great list of plugins. I use a few of these on projects all the time (Backup Buddy and Google XML Sitemaps).

    I encourage you to check out SharePrints. It’s a new photo gallery and lightbox plugin we launched. It’s packed with great features, and is very easy to use.


  • Tommie

    thank you so much for sharing this info! Question I am looking for some of the plug in, like word press seo, and there are tons to choose from. Which one do you recommend?

  • Rochelle hill

    Great info, I use some of these already and will be trying out the rest!


    Thank you for this! I just discovered WordPress SEO, but haven’t heard of many of these others! :)

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