Building A Successful Photography Business IS Possible but you must have this ...

Building A Successful Photography Business IS Possible but you must have this ...

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Building a successful and profitable photography business is possible!

There are, however, factors that come into play which will either make or break your dream.

“OMG, did she just say not all dreams are possible?”


That’s not what was said or meant.

The truth is, that without a business structure, you are just taking a shot in the dark.

You are putting on your dream shoes and hoping you can leap.

If you really want to turn your desire to run a successful business into a real life scenario you will need some major game & hustle.



If this doesn’t sound like you, if you aren’t willing to do the “office work” then you should stop reading now because this is all for the masterminds. Those that love the business aspect of thriving, growing, and succeeding.

To run any profitable business you will need the energy of a toddler, the strength of a German Shepard and the determination of a turtle flipped over on his shell.

It’s going to take some real determination, sweets. But IT IS POSSIBLE, with the right recipe & stamina.

You see, people give up right before they reach the finish line. Their bodies give out, their blisters are ready to burst and their legs tell their brain they can’t make it any further. But why do you think “some” people do make it? Because they fight past the exhaustion, the doubt and desire to quit (and pop a wine cork).



So ask yourself, each time you doubt yourself, is that fear just a natural reaction that anyone would have? Is it part of the race? Is it something you should listen to or something that should push you more?

If you are telling me that you are willing to do what it takes to be a photographer mastermind then I’m telling you that I’m here to assist.

In 2016 my major goal was to grab the hands of those that really truly want this and walk them through anything that I’ve ever learned about business.

Will it help everyone? No. It will probably only be absorbed and implemented by a small percentage but we know that is the case in all businesses. Everyone has a different level of effort. Which means everyone has a different level of success.

If you want to succeed and you will put in the effort, then you can make it. If you want to succeed but don’t want to do the “business side” of the work, then you will be someone who wants it, doesn’t understand why it isn’t happening and will soon quit.

Please don’t be that person. You are worth it. Your business is worth it. Give this your best shot.



I have created these courses & tools to teach you how to accomplish them BUT if you aren’t willing to put in the work then it’s not worth signing up. If you ARE then baby we are about to take a trip together.

I want to get to know you. I want to see you grow. I am ready to watch you take this world by storm. So let’s get started.


Step-by-Step Guide To Building Your Social Media Following & How To Keep Them Engaged – Are you starting to feel frustrated because you’re posting to every social media platform known to man, but it doesn’t seem to be working?  No one is commenting, liking, sharing or booking? Do you feel like all your marketing efforts are a complete waste because they are immediately followed by blank stares, scrolling fingers, and silence?  I’ve got the solution for you, right here!  


Full time photography series (blog series) - in this series we teach you step-by-step how to go from part-time dream to full time photography business reality.  We will teach you how to price for profit, steps you can take to bring in more clients, how to get more sales, and finally a step-by-step 60-day business plan for growth. See it here  


Email Marketing Series (blog series) - in this series we teach you why you want to use email marketing to grow your business, how to find things to write about, how to create an opt-in & lead magnet, how to push the newsletters to subscribers and TURN some of them into clients! See it here  


How to blog as a photographer (blog series) - in this series we teach you the perfect recipe for a blog post, why you should blog, what you should be blogging about, how to optimize your blog, how to get your audience to "find your blog", how to market it, and how to drive traffic to your blog. See it here  

 Building A Successful Photography Business IS Possible but you must have this ...


So there you have it ...

The above 4 business education courses will have you boiling with excitement and new growth.  I hope that you take the challenge, put your best foot forward and get that business you dream of.  YOU CAN DO IT!


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  • Love the post! I tried to sign up for a few courses but it went to error on every one :/

    Sophia on
  • I am so sorry. I feel terrible. We updated the platform we had these email series on and I didn’t update the page. I have now :)

    Stacie Jensen on

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