What do you do when a client asks for something that goes against your policy? Snag these responses!

What do you do when a client asks for something that goes against your policy? Snag these responses!

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When developing your business it’s so important to create policies and really stick to them.

Without these you will often be walked all over.

But what do you do when a client asks for something that goes against your policy or standards?

Bending the rules is sometimes the answer when you know there is good reason for the request, but generally my advice is to stick to your guns.

Make sure that you draft policies, add them to your contract & be clear with your clients about expectations.


For instance:  You shoot only during the Golden Hours, they want 12:00.

Shooting times are designed so that you get the best lighting. When a client asks you for a time that could create less than ideal results it’s important for you to educate them on why this isn’t your process.

Hey Mickey (you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind --- hey Mickey),
Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your special day. I know that you requested we schedule it for 12:00pm, however this is a time frame I always avoid. Not because I don’t love a good lunchtime photo session but because I won’t be able to provide you with the best lighting during your shoot. Now why would this matter to you? Noon sun is just a beast to work with. For one you will hate me for making you look up when all you want to do is squint. Also, at this time the sun creates harsh light, which is not always flattering to a photo. There are many more reasons why I do not shoot at this time but rather than bore you, I will just ask that we plan your session for May 1 at 6:30pm. You will just love this light and the fact that we aren’t hiding from the sun.
Thank you so much for understanding! xoxo Stacie


For instance:  You shoot only on Thursdays and Saturdays, they want Monday.

Ohhhhhh yea, this is just delightful annoying when you have someone requesting a day that you do not shoot! Yes, you want the dough, momma needs a new pair of shoes, but you also have other obligations and sometimes those are simply a day for yourself.

Dear Trying To Plan My Schedule,
Let me first start by saying how excited I am to photograph your special day. I know that you had requested we schedule it for Monday. Unfortunately I do not do photo sessions on this day due to editing obligations and all that boring business stuff you probably don’t want to hear about. Let’s pick a day that works with both of our schedules. How does May 1 at 6:30pm sound to you?
Thank you so much for understanding! xoxo Stacie


For instance:  Your package doesn’t include a disc, but they want to buy one.

The joys of digital days! Listen ... there is nothing wrong with being a photographer who supplies discs, but it sure makes it hard for those that don’t when clients expect it.

Dear Disc Lover,
Hey there. Thank you for inquiring about a disc with your session. Unfortunately with our packages and policies this is not something that we offer. I know, I know, other photographers do. However, as my momma always said “just because your friend does it does not mean you should”. Boy was she right. I’m going to have to call her and admit that now that I fully understand other people’s mistakes are not worth repeating.
I am sure you would wonder why I don’t offer a disc when we live in the digital age. I feel that providing memories on a disc will not provide my clients the proper portal to reliving their special day through photos. You remember floppy discs, right? Well those dinosaurs are a thing of the past. Imagine if we had provided sessions on them many moons ago.  What would customers do now when there isn’t a computer out there to view them on? The same is true for a disc. Years from now they will be obsolete and providing you memories that will expire is not part of our package or plan. We want you to be able to display your photos proudly on a wall or in a photo album for you to enjoy always.
Thank you so much. xoxo Stacie

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  • Hell yes!!!!

    Pretty sure I’m going to make these template responses in my email files.

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