Client Workflow & Session Planner - Why you need one to help organize your business

Client Workflow & Session Planner - Why you need one to help organize your business

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Have you ever felt your Client Workflow is non-existent or like it was a giant puzzle, not sure where someone is in your pipeline?

Have you ever went to call your client, but had to decipher your own notes, because they are a hot mess?

Have you ever wanted to circle back to past clients, but put it off, because all of their information is sitting in an old tax box with no where to store their info?

Come on, we’ve all been there.

And, what an amazing feeling it is to become busy enough to need an organizational tool such as this!!

Many photographers are balancing their full time job plus family & personal life along with their photography business.

If this is you, how convenient would it be to truly be able to run your business on the go?

Text or call Sally Jo Next Session while you’re in the carpool lane just to say, “I am sooooo excited for our session this weekend!”

Talk about customer service & building relationships!  

The ability to have every piece of information you need in one place will be the best addition to your toolbox!

Client & Session information all in one place will give you the ability to manage your time to your advantage and make your customer service top notch!  

When you schedule to reconnect with your past clients in your Planner, building a relationship is key.

Become like their BFF!

Is Mary Jane having a baby?

Little Bobby is now on the swimming team?

Keep all of these notes in your client workflow & session planner!!

I mean, when you’re a busy photographer, it’s hard to remember all of these details … but these little details are so important to your clients.

Clients will be very impressed that you have taken a true interest in their lives!

How could they not want to come back or pass on your name to a friend?

Grab yours here

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