How to Create an Effective Email Auto-Response

Isn’t it exciting when you seek someone out via email & they respond super quick?

In today’s society, especially as technology grows, people are looking for immediate satisfaction. 

However, too often, I think “Wow, they were so quick to respond!” only to open the email to see that it is a generic message. Let’s take a look at the do’s and don'ts of using email auto-responders. When used correctly, they can be a fantastic business tool!


Email auto-responses can be annoying.

When I see a vague auto-response such as: “Hi! I received your email. I am so happy you contacted me. I will respond to you within the next 24 hours,” I feel like a moment of my time was just wasted.

 1. I know the email went through, because it didn’t bounce back to me.

2. I expect you will respond within the next 24-48 hours, because this timeframe is usually the rule of thumb when contacting a business (unless you are a customer support team – then this info would be great to know!)


Email auto-responses can be a great business tool when used properly.

1. If you cannot respond within 24-48 hours, automated emails are a great way to inform email recipients when you will have a delay in your response due to a project, vacation, etc.

2. They are an easy way to point clients to information that may answer a question before you respond, get you know you a little better, or help them to understand your business a little better.

3. Use it for advertising!


Best example ever:

I email a lot of photographers and get a lot of generic auto-responses. When I saw this auto-response from Stella of Ask Stella Reynoso, I was taken by surprise at how professional and informative it was. Take a peek:


"Well hello there, awesome person!


Thanks for emailing me, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm a bit slow on the uptake right now (catching up from the Three Nails Photography workshop, currently running my [basic training] workshop, recovering from an injury that landed me in the ER last week, AND having family in, so give me about 3-4 days to reply before shooting me another email!


I schedule many of my posts on Facebook, or tend to post from my phone during quick minutes of downtime, so while it may seem like I'm always around, I am usually operating out of pocket, and try to only respond to emails when I'm back on a real computer to minimize issues & maximize info.


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Here is my recipe for a successful email auto-responder:

I mean honestly, doesn’t that response – even as automated as it may be – make you just love her already? I’m already thinking, Stella, my new friend, is busy and will get to me as soon as she can and it’s totally cool that I have to wait a little bit. She already feels more like a friend, because it shows a bit of her personality. Oh, and it has a couple of links for me to check out while I wait. Genius! So here's what to include in your email auto-responder:

1. Show your personality. Don’t talk to the reader like you are a computer robot. Be friendly, personable, and keep it upbeat.

2. If you will have a delay in your response, tell them. Write a couple of sentences about what you’ve been up to.

3. Link to something that may be of value to your client or potential client. Perhaps your Pinterest boards, an FAQ or What to Expect page, your latest project you’ve been working on, anything!

4. Drop a line of advertising. Link to your upcoming minis you have planned or a certain package you offer.

Can you see the difference? Your clients will too. Auto-responders can be totally annoying or all in your favor. It’s all about how you write it!     

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