Photographers: How to get out of a creative slump

Photographers:  How to get out of a creative slump

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Article by Tracy Redlin


A Dark Place

I can feel it, skulking around in my peripheral vision. 

The dark veil that clouds my mind and dulls my senses. 

It creeps in unnoticed and blurs the days, one into another till I can’t remember the last time I went outside. 

Yep, I am talking about winter in Wisconsin. 

It is brutal, especially when you work from home. 

Talk about cabin fever, by the middle of January I feel like a hibernating bear. 

I just want to eat, sleep and be left alone.  

Which is not a good state of mind for any entrepreneur.

Yet every year I feel it coming on, and every year I sit back and watch as it starts to swallow me whole.  

But not this year.  Why is this year different? 

Because I know it is coming and I am ready for it. 

I am going to meet it head on and I am going to fight back.  Why now?

For one, I am self-employed and I don’t really have a choice. 

Two, because I think I can win. 


Find the Light

This year I am using my love for photography to push me through this creative slump. 

And while I may not feel inspired when I start I always end up excited about the results. 

For example the other night I was working at the computer, the only light in the room coming from my monitor. 

My fur baby (some people just call them dogs) decided it was time to play.  Now a picture of a dog with a ball in his mouth may not be very inspirational, but in that light, the bright tennis ball against the dark back drop, well it looked pretty damn cool. 

So I grabbed my camera and started snapping. 

To me the images have an artistic quality that speaks to my heart. 

It is our relationship, his playfulness dragging me back to the life that is happening around me. 

It is a special moment that had never before occurred to me as being worth capturing.


Creative Slump


Use What You've Got

This year I decided if the temperature gets above 30 degrees, I am going outside. 

And since the ground isn’t covered in fresh falling snow, I have to figure out something to take pictures of.  

I am such a tactile person, the thing I am drawn to most, is textures. 

A little OCD helps see the lines and symmetry in everything. 

These are the tools I have and I need to use them to keep my creativity from becoming non-existent.

I explored my yard and found there was more than just dead grass, so much more.


Creative Slump


Attention to Detail

And while not everyone will consider these images art or even worthy of gracing this page, there are those of you that will know the profound detachment winter can bring.  

For those of you stuck in a creative rut, do NOT put your camera down. 

Keep pushing, keep experimenting, and never give up.


Creative Slump


Article by Tracy Redlin     

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