How to develop a client workflow for your business

We take organization serious around here at Colorvale.  And for good reason!  

Today is all about developing a client workflow ...

because this, my friend, is going to ensure you are dotting all your i’s and crossing all your t’s.

Nothing screams efficient like a structured business flow.

What is a client workflow? A client workflow is a developed list of steps starting at the on-boarding stage, all the way through to project completion.

The Challenge: Developing this list will help you stay on track & give each client the attention they deserve. Write out all the things needed for you & your client to do to have an efficient & structured work environment such as:

  • Send contract & retainer information
  • Receive signed contract & retainer
  • Send questionnaire
  • Receive questionnaire
  • Scout Locations & Plan Session
  • Schedule Session
  • Back up photos
  • Cull images
  • Edit images
  • Back up photos
  • Share sneak peek
  • Schedule IPS

Write these steps out on:

How to create a client workflow chart for your photography business.


Regardless of what platform you use, develop this & stick with it. Check off each step of the process with each client to ensure you have a streamlined & efficent business workflow with a successful outcome.

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