How to develop a schedule so that you can have a more organized photography business!

This is the day of spring cleaning & business organization!

It’s so important that when deciding to take a different approach to your life, that you free your area & your mind.




The Challenge: clear your schedule for 1 hour a day to do one major business task. Not sure how you can do this while balancing your life? Easy.

This is where you make things happen.

So many times we give ourselves an excuse for “not” being able to do something, rather than create an environment to ensure it happens.

Excuses are the easiest thing to have.

This 1-hour time block might not be immediately after your first cup of joe, it might better fit after the kiddos go to bed, but whenever it is, just schedule it! By “schedule” I mean that you clear your calendar and ensure that NOTHING (and I seriously mean nothing) interrupts you. If this means you have to lock yourself in the closet then so be it. (Hey, I told you I was serious!)

If you worked for an outside company you would make going into work a priority. Make 1 hour a day of business tasks required!

Write out, in your planner (or on a whiteboard, maybe even on sticky notes clinging all over your computer screen) a specific business task assigned to each day of the week.


For example:


Mondays: Email Clean-up

Tuesdays: Schedule Social Media Posts

Wednesdays: Create Ads In Canva

Thursdays: Order Products & Office Supplies

Fridays: Draft Newsletter & Blog Post

Saturdays: Clean Up Office Area

Sundays: Family Day (because I finished all my tasks)


… And that’s it my friend. The key here is to ensure that you are actually sticking to your schedule & dedicating the 1 hour a day to finish tasks.

So before you start to feel like I’m the nagging wife I’m going to scoot on out of your inbox, because I’ve got to get back to my actionable tasks for the day (because momma don’t play when it comes to keeping a schedule!)


Until next time friends,

xx&o, Stacie at Colorvale

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