Finally there's a better way to organize your business & family life

It is no secret that we desire more hours or time in a day.  

That's a given for any person balancing a business ... hell, even balancing life.  

24 hours just isn't enough.

But listen, there isn't a thing we can do about the amount of seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour and hours in a day.  

We can, however, become more organized and structure our precious time wisely. I am the first to admit that I can't be "it all", all of the time.  It wasn't until my daughter came to me one day and said "I would rather us live with less, then have you work more."  

Wow, talk about one of the biggest wake-up moments of my life.

Heart-break city!  

I was angry at myself for not balancing my time wisely.  My goal was to grow 50% in my next year of business but if I was already tight on time how could I accomplish that?  

I knew this moment on I needed to be responsible for planning. I have to work, I have to feed my family, and I have to learn to balance it. It was time to put on my business woman pants and jump into this thing.  

It was imperative that I take control of my hours in a day.  

I had to plan them, organize them and execute them.

It was also important that I realize that I have to bank on a tomorrow.  

The weight could not be on my shoulders today. Understanding a workflow and the time it takes to complete all tasks necessary for little ol' me to keep the family happy and clients raving was my major goal last year.  

I started to structure and manage each daily task and business adventure.  

I began jotting it down on a million sticky notes and loose papers.  OMG, did my desk become a disaster and that became a new frustration.  

I desired a change but without a place of organization was I just making a bigger mess?


Finally there's a better way to organize your business & family life


And that is where the Photographer's Planner was born ...

So here I am, a photographer with clients, with due dates, with orders, and with a Brady Bunch family.  

I needed what wasn't out there yet - a business diary, if you will, for a photographer planning to create a successful business.  

I needed a place that I could jot down my full month events so that I didn't miss another dentist appointment.  

I wanted the full vision of how my month would play out if planned correctly.

Secondly I needed a monthly client workflow chart because I knew that each month of the year I would revise and build a better and more efficient workflow then the previous.

I needed a place to write down what I had to accomplish each day such as sessions, editing, ordering, marketing and family priorities.  

Seriously the list was so long and nothing on the market was going to meet my expectations.  

I committed months of investigating what other photographers need too and what would help each and every one of us grow our business.  

We needed one book with everything in it and this is where the Photographer's Planner was born.

- Get the printable version here

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Photographers Planner


I immediately went to work polling many amazing photographers and asking them how they ran their business and what would have to be included in their dream planner.  

Rounds and rounds of drafts and proof were done to ensure we encompassed all of those things necessary to keep you organized and successful.


But I have an iPhone that has a calendar ...

Yes the digital age is amazing.  

We have internet practically everywhere we go but I am not comfortable calling myself organized or professional on a phone.  

I need hardcore verification of my life on screen or paper.  

- Get the printable version here

- Get the digital version for phone, iPad & tablet here


Photography Planner


I know some people aren't this way and it's fine but I do not see how a phone can give you measurable's that help you accomplish the goals you have set or drive your success.  

The Photographer's Planner seeks accountability from you each month.  

You write down your monthly goals such as how many clients you need or how many orders you hope to obtain.  

Of course, with this written down you are now responsible for achieving it.   It's accountability at its finest.  You deserve to accomplish what you seek. What phone does that?


Photographers Planner


A photographers marketing plan ...

I don't know about you, but I am not someone who is everyone.  

I am not an expert in all business fields.  

I need a little guidance sometimes.  

When designing this book I wanted a single source each month that I could check off what I knew was successful and proven marketing procedures.  

This gem keeps me balanced and on track with a growth plan.


Social Media planner


So where am I now in respect to organization?

I'm not perfect, that's for sure.  

There are always areas to improve but I'm not over my head.  

I feel relaxed, controlled and above all, the important things in life such as family time are there for me and my family to enjoy.  

I have taken the burden of a million tasks off my list and delegated them to a managed time that works well with my life.  

I am thankful for my planner, I am thankful for implementing time management and I am thankful to be helping others do the same!


Is this planner for you?

Let's be honest, not everything is for everyone.  

Not everyone sits at a desk, enjoys a million notes, or even taking notes.  

I am a planner, and as such I want to see what is happening. I want to write down what I expect in my business because it allows me to understand what I have to do to achieve that.  

So, is it right for you?  I don't know.

Are you someone who wants to expand your business and have one place to create the plan?  

Do you want one book that allows you to see what you are doing, what you want to be doing and your success from doing it?  

Do you want a book that makes you responsible for your time?  

Do you want something that guides you to doing things in the most efficient workflow?  

If you said no, then it's no loss.  

But if you said yes, your office, whether it be the one sitting on your lap like me when I first started or someone who owns a studio, is going to thank you!  

Get out there, get motivated and Plan To Succeed!

- Get the printable version here

- Get the digital version for phone, iPad & tablet here 

And if you have any suggestions for those reading this on how to better balance their workflow please leave a comment blow, we would love to hear from you!


What Photographers are saying about our planner:

Mandy Moracco Love, Love, Love this planner!! I kept going back and forth if I really needed this and I’m sooo glad I decided to get it! Running a business is a lot of work and time, and keeping everything organized is crucial! This has everything you can think of to help you run your photography business! It has already made a huge difference in keeping me organized. Thank you so much Stacie! All your products are awesome:)

Sarah Norman I absolutely love my planner from Colorvale. I purchased the bound version because I'm bad about actually printing things I buy and I am SO glad I did. This planner exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I know I am going to be able to stay organized and achieve bigger and better goals this year because of this planner!          

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