Should you have friends & family sign model releases?

Should you have friends & family sign model releases?

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It’s all fun and games until someone thinks you made money off their photos or a relationship goes south.

Yep, even friends & family member can get spicy about this.

Once a photo is on the Internet, it's there permanently.  There's no take backs!

They are out there in the world and who knows how many times they’ve been re-pinned.

You just can’t "get them back".  So save yourself trouble later, and get a model release signed by everyone!



Ok, it's true.  You probably won't have a copy of your model release on hand, all the time (though I suggest you stuff them in your camera bag.)

But my suggestion to you is this:  don’t even post a sneak peek until you have one with a John Hancock on it.

If your friend or family member wants to see the photos you took so bad, they’ll sign it and get it to you.

It’s certainly in your best interest to carry a few extra releases around with you so you don’t take 1,000 photos and not be able to use them.

Sure, you’ll have the images for your own memories of special people in your lives, but if it’s not people you’d really like to use up your camera clicks for, save yourself the trouble by asking them to sign one from the get go.

You’ve been there before I am sure, out and about with your camera, taking photos of friends and family. What do you do when you decide you want to post them on social media and do not have a model release?

I am a firm believer in being overly cautious and having everyone sign this handy dandy piece of paper but often enough I am without one.

Well it’s time to circle back after your day of fun & photos.

First things first, make contact.

A simple email & an attached copy of your model release most of the time does the trick.

Especially if you mention that you are going to share a photo of their pretty little mug.

Dear Sally Joe,

What a fun day we had together this past Wednesday. I was so in the moment capturing our fun times that I forgot to give you a copy of my model release to sign. Yea, I know we are friends and this sounds super formal for a play date but it’s just part of the photo business. I would love to share the images on our social media site and even tag you in them. The only way I can do this is with your permission. So what do you say? Attached you will find a copy of the release. Print it, read it over and shoot me a signed copy.
Xoxo, Your friend Stacie.

Now there will be that time when someone doesn’t want to sign the release.

What do you do?

The answer is simple and clear. Don’t share it on social media.
But why?

Imagine opening that email from a friend gone foe wanting their photos taken down but it’s been shared a gazillion times & out of your hands. dundundunnnn ...

MODEL RELEASE - use one, ever single time!

No friend or family member is worth losing your business or possessions over when the excitement of seeing their photos online disappears. That’s one lawsuit you do not want started without a signed release.

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