How to automate your Facebook posts & what you should be posting

We talk a lot around here about working smarter, not harder.

Automation is key to this.

And though I love automation, there is such a thing as too much.

You do still need to be present.

You still need to be personable with your audience.

But you can do all of this with a part-time social media assistant.

We like to call her Buffer

... and she's free!

Yes, there are many tools on the internet that will allow you to automate your Facebook but Buffer is the one I go back to every time.


Why do you want to automate your Facebook posts?

Because you can't have your phone or computer in hand, every moment of the day.  

You do have another job remember?!  

It's called Photography.

Automating your posts allows you freedom from social media, at least somewhat.

It also allows you to hit your audience at multiple times a day.

Not everyone will be on Facebook when you are.  

Therefore, using a schedule will help grow your reach & be there when you aren't.

I find it most useful to have 3 posts a day.  

  1. for the early birds
  2. for the lunch browsers
  3. for the late night scrollers

Note:  I do not repeat the same post for each time slot of the day, but I post 3 times a day.


What types of posts should you be automating?

What you share on Facebook is the "make or break" of your social media marketing tactics.

Think of your audience like a friend.

If you talk her ear off about you, you, you, she will run, run, run.

But if you become someone that carries a great conversation about what interests her, if you ask her thoughts, if you ask her opinion, if you share great tips that will help her, she will be your friend for life.

Social media marketing should stand you apart from other pages.

It's not about SELLING, it's about being seen.  

Provide content that is valuable and you'll be come appreciated.  

Only then can your social media organically sell itself.

Get in front of your audience with good content and you will dominate.

Here are 4 important types of posts you should automate:

Engagement posts:  these are posts that ask questions your audience wants to answer.  Do you hear the keyword "want".  You can't say "how does this photo look" -- they won't find that important enough to stop what they are doing and answer.  But if you ask them a question about something they are passionate about they certainly will. For example if you are a newborn photographer you can ask pregnant moms:  "What trimester are you in right now & what is your biggest craving?" -- people want to answer what's important to them at this moment.  Yes, this has nothing to do with photo shoots but what it does do is help connect with your audience.  By getting them to talk to you, or with you, they become familiar with you, their friends see their posts and you organically grow.


Client testimonials:  social proof is a great way to help grow your business. Sharing a client testimonial and photo helps other people looking to book you feel more comfortable with their decision.


Tips:  this is huge for social media marketing.  If you are going to gain attention in your industry you need to make your viewers find value in following you.  Again, these tips should help your audience's pain point.  For example if you are a wedding photographer your audience is mostly brides.  Brides are scrambling to organize and pull off one of the biggest days of their life.  You being someone who has gone to many weddings (I would hope) has quite a bit of knowledge.  Use this to write tips & blog posts to help brides such as "How to pack for the wedding day" or "What types of photos you won't want to miss on your wedding day" or "How to make sure you are prepared for your wedding day".  She will most likely stop immediately in her tracks & read.  Even better, she may share it which helps with your growth.


Sneak peeks of your session:  of course it's important to show off your skills.  Make it even more memorable to include an inspirational quote along with a photo, an engagement question, posing tip etc.


The "occasional" promotion of your business:  remember social media marketing isn't about cramming what you do down someones throat, they will just unfollow you if that's the case.  But it is fair to let people know occasionally when you have openings or specials going on.


    How to use Buffer to make all this happen?

     Buffer is super simple to use.  

    After adding your Facebook account you will then want to create your schedule for posts.

    Adding a schedule is super easy.  As you can see I clicked the Schedule tab and then added three times.  I chose these times to make sure I hit all types of social media scrollers.

    How to add a schedule to buffer

    Next I add in at least a dozen posts of each category I mentioned above.

    It's easier than you think.  Just schedule an hour each month to do this and you will be set for an entire month.

    That's efficiency!

    After adding all the posts of each category I then click "Shuffle" to ensure that nothing in this seems "planned".

    One of the reasons I love Buffer is for their shuffle feature & reliability.

    How to shuffle posts in Buffer


    There you have it - how to automate your Facebook posts.  Now you have freed up your time so you can get back to doing what you love most, photographing.


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