How to create a professional photography website and blog

Setting up a new blog or website can be very intimidating but with a few easy steps you will be ready to showcase your work online.  


STEP 1:  Purchase a URL

This is the web address you will carry with you so please make sure that you do some research.  Is this term trademarked already?  Is it something you want to stick with?  Does it represent you or is it just a common term used in the industry?    


    STEP 2:  Web Hosting

    You will need to choose a company to host your website. This should be done carefully.  There are many hosting companies out there and some are really great while others are not.  There is a monthly charge for hosting a website which can range from $5 a month to $300 depending on your needs.    
    • We will use for this example, however there are even better ones out there.

      Choose Your Hosting Package  

    Select "I Have A Domain"


    (Note:  You will already have your domain name, choose the "I have a domain name")  


    STEP 3:  Assign the Nameservers

    Your hosting company will provide you two name servers which you will update your URL info to.  This will need to be done on the companies website you purchased your URL

    (Step 1)     Below is the screenshots of how you change the Nameservers on Godaddy after you purchased the URL and signed up for web hosting at    


    Click "Add Nameserver" and then enter the two nameservers that your hosting company provided such as "NS1.BLUEHOST.COM" AND "NS2.BLUEHOST.COM"     This is necessary so that you can direct your URL that you purchased over to the hosting company you have chosen.  

    Note:  If you purchased the URL and hosting from the same company you do NOT have to do this set.    


    STEP 4:  Install Wordpress

    So you have the URL and the hosting.  Now you need to get Wordpress installed on your new server.  This is done very easily for you through bluehost.  Log into your account and under the Cpanel provided you will have a Wordpress icon.  



    Follow the instructions and then when this screen below appears checkmark "Show Advanced Options" and change the Admin Username to something you remember as well as the Password!  


    STEP 5:  Purchasing A Theme

    It's time to go look for a theme or website design that be suites your style.  We love where they have a large list of amazing themes that are inexpensive.  Your investment could range from $40-$70.     Once you purchase your theme you will need to download the files.    


    STEP 6:  Installing Your Theme

    You will need to log into your website now. This is done by going to  (replace with your new URL, of course) and then add /wp-admin to the end.    

    You will now be in the Dashboard of your Wordpress site.  You are almost done!  

    Click on "Appearance" and "Themes"




    Click "Add New"  


        Click "Choose File"    

    Choose the ZIP file inside the package you downloaded when buying your new Wordpress theme.  

    Note:  It must be in ZIP format as shown here.  

    At this time it's important to find the guides included in your theme and follow them closely to set up your new site.    



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