How to easily batch edit images in Photoshop or Elements

Saving time editing is something we are all about here at Colorvale.  

The reason we create Photoshop Actions is because time is money and we want you to have as much bank in your pocket as possible.  

But how can you batch edit your images without losing the ability to adjust layers prior to saving?  

Simple.  First you edit one photo in your session with the actions you need to get your desired results.  

Once you have done this you simply grab the layers or layer group within your layers palette and drag them on top of every photo within that session.  

I know.  It's genius, right?!

Step by step instructions on how to batch edit in Photoshop or Elements:

  1. Apply the Colorvale Photoshop Actions to your image to get the desired effects you are looking for.  You can run one or more actions but do not flatten the image.  These layers will be what you need to drag onto all the other photos in your session.
  2. Once you have the look you want click the "Move" tool inside your toolbar.
  3. Now select all the layers or layer groups within the layer palette.  Once these are highlighted drag from the layers palette over and on top of the other photos.  (see illustration below.  Left image (the black & white photo) is edited and those layers will be dragged and released on TOP of the photo to the right of it.)
  4. Your new image will have the same exact layers without you having to find and play the actions to create them.  You may need to adjust a few opacities to fit the new photo but that is the plus in doing batch editing in this non-destructive way.  Each photo is different and identical editing will not work with each photo due to different lighting situations.  This is however an amazing time save!
  5. Click here to watch our how-to video on batch editing in Photoshop or Elements

How to batch edit in Photoshop

Batch editing in Photoshop  


Please note:  Batch editing is not possible for facial adjustments such as smoothing skin, sharpening eyes etc.  The reason is because the skin, eyes and other spot adjustments will not be in the same place on each photo.  Batch editing is for toning and other adjustments.


Watch this video on how to batch edit



  • Janel Moon

    Stacie!!! Thank you a zillion times for making my life and photography better! You are a wealth of knowledge!


    I just tried this! OMG it’s soo easy…thank you I had no idea!

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