How to edit images in raw & increase resolution to 300

Before we begin you should understand why you should shoot in raw

Shooting in raw is something that I highly suggest to anyone considering themselves a professional photographer. It is absolutely a necessity due to the fact that your files are not yet "flattened" into a jpg.

Here I will show you the benefits of editing a raw file and also how to change any image going forward into an sRGB, which is necessary for nice looking images over the internet and set resolution to 300 for every photo opened and saved in the future.

Basically you are taking the burden off yourself when worrying if you resolution is correct prior to sending to a printer.   


  1. Increase Resolution to 300:  The hyperlink at the bottom of your photos is a setting that you can change and then it will apply to every photo opened after using ACR (Adobe Camera Raw).  Click this link and change the space to sRBG and resolution to 300.
  2. Sharpen Images:  The third tab over is your sharpener.  This is set to a default of 25.  You can bump this up.  I find it best for my photos to have it set somewhere in the mid to high 40's.
  3. Additional Sharpening:  Bumping up the contrast and clarity to the right and keeping them in alignment with one another makes an image appear sharper.
  4. How To Create RAW Presets To Save Time:  Save your common adjustments as RAW PRESETS by clicking the drop down arrow on the right, then click "Save Settings".  Once you click save a box will pop up that asks what do you want included in the preset, check mark only the settings you want this preset to cover such as sharpening, contrast & clarity.


Editing your RAW images  



Saving images is made easy using ACR.  You can select where the files should go, what quality and file type.  

Setting this once for a session is all you need.  It will remember your choice for further saves. (*note you can change this any time you want just by clicking the save button and choosing different options.  Otherwise, just keep it this way for all photos in the session.)  


How to save images in RAW Photoshop ACR




To Change A Photo That is NOT sRGB into sRGB

There is a simple process of changing photos that are already in a different profile and putting them into sRGB.  However please note you MUST uncheck "flatten" layers if you still want to work with layers you have created in the image, if you have began editing already.
  • Uncheck "Flatten Image To Preserve Appearance" if you have layers you created that you are ready to flatten.



    You can change yours under "Preferences" For 300 Resolution click on Units & Rulers



    To change color settings to sRGB you need to click "Edit" and "Color Settings"


    sRGB in Elements


    • Wendy Hreha

      Thank you so much!! I just started using RAW and This was so easy to follow =)

    • Michelle

      Thank you for this post!! I noticed a HUGE difference in my images after doing this! :)

    • Jenn Canfield Photography

      YEAH – thank you, I figured it out!!! LOL Always wondered why in camera there sRGB and in Photoshop was RBG LOL it was that darn link at the bottom of NEF! :)

      THANK YOU!!

    • Rene

      Thank you so much for the hyperlink tip. Never knew that!

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