How to export your photos for Facebook in Lightroom + FREEBIE

You know the drill ...

you've culled, edited, saved for print,

and now you want to upload those awesome sneak peeks to Facebook.

You're dying to share.

But your print version is just way too big to put on social media.

Well, to make things fast and simple for you I created a FREE preset for exporting your photos for Facebook!

It's so easy to use IF you are familiar to exporting (saving) your images.

You just install the preset and then when you want to bundle a full session of "Facebook Web Sized Photos" it's one click!

(if you use Photoshop click here)


Snag this FREE Facebook Resizing preset now!

Plus I'll send you weekly tutorials, tips & sneaky little tricks of the trade that’ll take you from good to better to very, tippy-top BEST. (and a few exclusive samples along the way)



But wait ... before you run off let me show you how to use your new goodies!

How to install the export preset:

How to update the watermark preset:


Written instructions

Step 1:  Click "File" > "Export..." in Lightroom

Export or save image in Lightroom


Step 2: Right click on "User Presets" on left side of export screen

Step 3: Click "Import"

Export images in Lightroom


Step 4: Find the file you downloaded from Colorvale (under User Presets) and import each preset 


Install presets


Step 5: It has now been added. Select it in the Export Panel (under User Presets) so that it will change all settings accordingly.

Step 6: Now all photos can be exported using this.  

IMPORTANT:  make sure when you save PRINTED files you change off of this exporting style!!!! To make this convenient we also included a print version of this.



Here are our favorite changes for a Facebook upload


Export Location: in this section we have the preset create a subfolder for you called "*Facebook Photos" so that you can quickly and easily find ALL images you create for Facebook only.


File naming: in this section we changed the structure of the file name to include the word "FBSize-" before your document name so that its structure can not accidentally be chosen during print orders.  Genius right?  Now you have two names for each type of file (print & web).


File setting: in this section we ensure that the file is sRGB which is a must and 100 quality.


Image sizing: in this section we found the sweet spot for web images.  We've tried them all and this is personal opinion.  But 1100px width is great!  It's not too big where clients can print good size images but also not too small that you can't see the beauty of your image.


Output Sharpening: in this section we added a splash of sharpening that will help with web contrast.  Because we are photographers after all, and our photos need to be on point!


Lightroom export settings

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