How to install Lightroom Presets onto your phone

Want to know how to quickly install your presets onto your phone?

OMG so easy. You'll kiss me! It is super simple to do.




1.  Open Lightroom CC Mobile App from your computer.

2.  In lower right corner click Presets.


How to install Lightroom presets onto your phone

3.  When the panel opens on the upper right corner of it there is a “...” click it and choose "import presets".


How to install Lightroom presets on mobile


4.  Choose the folder that holds all your presets and click "Import" (download presets here)

5.  Now go open Lightroom on your phone and your presets will be waiting for you. (You may have to change the folder your presets are already looking at which is set to "user preset" as default.)


Finding presets on your phone mobile



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