How To Photograph Candles With Christmas Lights

Part 1: How To Photograph A Christmas Tree

Part 2:  How To Photograph Subjects In Front Of A Christmas Tree

Part 3:  How To Photograph Candles With Christmas Lights  

Each Christmas season I am giddy with excitement over many things, family time being the most important but also the fun photography side that allows me to experiment and create some artistic photographs for my portfolio.

The important aspect of this is while trying out new ways of capturing something you are also becoming an expert with settings and your camera.  So not only is it fun but also educational.

Below are the steps to creating a beautiful image of candle light + bokeh
 How To Photograph Candles With Christmas Lights

Photographing candle light this season can be very simple with these easy to follow steps.

  1. Turn your camera on Manual mode (click here for understanding of manual shooting)
  2. Use a tripod or other stable surface
  3. Dim all the lights besides those on your tree & the lit candle
  4. A lens such as 85 1.4 can create amazing bokeh and allow more light
  5. Turn on the live view on your camera
  6. Turn the ISO down as far as possible
  7. Turn the F-Stop as low as it can go such as F1.4
  8. Turn your Shutter Speed as low as needed to balance your exposure and bring back in light.
  9. Place your focal point on the flickering light.


    Why a low ISO?  Because you want to avoid noise in this photo

    Why a low F-stop?  Because you want to create the glitter bokeh & allow more light since you have dimmed the room light.

    Why a tripod or stable surface?  Because you are going to use a lower than normal shutter speed which can create camera shake if you hold the camera.

    Why a low shutter?  Again you will need to allow for light.  


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