How to photograph wedding rings - lighting, camera settings, lens, props & more!

How To Photograph Wedding Rings


Of course there is an art to this type of photography.  

Getting the small details is not that easy but below are some great tips to get you the most beautiful ring shot for your bride and groom!  


Best Background For Macro Jewelry Photos 

Diamonds show up best with a dark background.  If you ever notice that it is hard to auto focus on the diamond most likely it is because it is blending into its background.  Choose a location that will allow a contrast!  


What Type Of Focus For Macro Jewelry Photos 

If you are not getting a sharp image try manually focusing rather than auto focus.  I find it almost impossible to get a great ring shot when in auto focus.  


What F-stop For Macro Jewelry Photos 

Ensure that you are shooting with a moderate to high f-stop number such as 9 if using a macro lens.  You want to be able to get as much detail from the ring and because it curves away from you it is important to have a good depth of field, unless you are just trying to put emphasis on the main diamond as in the photo below.  



Rest your elbow or hands on something when shooting or use a tripod to ensure there is absolutely no camera shake.  This should be a very crisp image.  


Best Lighting For Macro Jewelry Photos 

Lighting is a must.  Do not try to get a ring shot in low light.  You need the light to bounce off the facets of the diamond to create the bling effect.  Make sure that you take the rings into a well lit area and even put the diamond directly under a ceiling light.  You can also set up a couple off camera flashes to hit the facets from different angles.


What Type Of Lenses For Macro Jewelry Photos 

Use a macro lens.  This to me is an important piece of equipment in wedding photography.  If you were not doing weddings as a profession I wouldn't suggest the large price tag a macro can come with.  However, if you are charging a client to photograph their special day then you should be investing in high quality lenses.  My favorite macro lens is the 105mm 2.8  


Jewelry Poses

Taking multiple poses of the rings is a necessity.  I include three shots for my bride/groom.

The traditional - sitting inside the box.

The modern - find  dark surface that will reflect back the glow of the diamond.

The  artsy - find a prop to sit the ring on such as the spiked heel of your brides shoe, a fence or the invitation.


How To Edit Macro Jewelry Photos 

Use an action that will bring out the sparkle, twinkle and take out strange color casts that gold can reflect.  

Click here to see an action set by Colorvale Actions made specifically for weddings!



How to photograph wedding rings -  lighting, camera settings, lens & props

 How To Photograph Wedding Rings


  • Jasmine

    Thank you. This was useful to know xx

  • Michele

    Thanks for these tips! Do you bring things with you to the wedding so that you can consistently get a beautiful shot? Would you suggest it?
    I struggle with finding the right finish or material to carefully craft an image.

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    Such a great explanation of how to shoot wedding rings, I have been looking everywhere for help on this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • stephanie newbold

    Love this! Thanks so much for sharing these tips!!!

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