If you are doing this as a photographer STOP it!

If you are doing this as a photographer STOP it!

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I know this will be a touchy subject.

I don't care because it burns my a$$.

So, lets chat about it.

Photographers, rightfully, expect their clients to respect their copyright.

and they should.

So why is it that a percentage of them don't respect the copyright of vendors such as myself?

Today when signing up for reddit I found (on a search of our name) that people were posting & requesting my products for free (along with a lot of other amazing vendors).

I was immediately saddened.

Not because they stole food out of my mouth.

Not because I didn't get to pocket their money, though just like photographers, I deserve to be paid for my work.

But because my hard work wasn't deserving of copyright respect, while theirs is.

Often times, in groups, you'll see photographers complaining that a client screenshot their image & printed it.  

They often ask what legal steps they can take to make that person financially responsible for using their photographs without permission.  

Yet those people are some of the same who will share & trade my work.

Think about that!

When someone message you asking for products free, put yourself in the shoes of that vendors.

When you go to torrent sites to download digital products you didn't purchase, think about how you would feel if clients did that to you.

Stop trading, sharing, or stealing things if you don't want others to do it to you.

To those that do NOT participate in this activity "THANK YOU", from the bottom of my heart.  

You are part of the group of people that make this worth it.  

You are why I give away free gifts from time to time - you deserve the thank you.

You are what encourages me to continue when I found this shitty stuff on the internet (our products being illegally swapped).

And don't tell me that it simply means I've finally hit cool status.  

I don't care.  It's not ok.  

Don't tell me "it's going to happen regardless" ... still doesn't make it right.

The bottom line is: photographers work off the belief that copyright belongs to the creator & everyone must respect that (and they should) but then (some) turn around and commit copyright infringement.

Stop it!

Don't be a jerk!

Just be a good person.


I almost didn't push publish on this post because I know it could receive backlash.  After all, I'm a vendor so I should just shut my mouth and keep trucking on.  "Don't create waves", right?!  

Then I realized, people don't stand up for what they believe in because they don't want to go against the crowd.  They don't want to be the unpopular one.

Fear stops us from standing up for what we believe in because of the reactions of others.

I stand up for COPYRIGHT, and people respecting it!  for all of us.


Who does this hurt?

I would say it hurts me & every vendor involved.

We are artists, too.

We spend just as much time at our computers, away from our families, as a photographer does.

We spend just as much on equipment and applications as a photographer does.

Yet our work is passed around freely to groups of people who don't appreciate what we've invested.

This is our business.

This is our livelihood.

Some of us raise our families on the money we make selling our products.

But it also hurts you!

Yep you.

You respectful photographers and even those who are stealing it.


Pricing is effected by lower sales (people just giving it away to each other).

That's not cool.  But sometimes necessary.

I try to keep my prices fair and affordable ... but what is that getting me?  

I'll tell you what that has gotten me ---> people who don't value my work who share it with others.

It hurts the integrity of the photography community sharing it.

How can you preach copyright when you don't respect it yourself?

Do me a favor, if you are someone who feels like I deserve the same copyright respect as photographers OR you stand up for this cause please pin or share this post.

If you are doing this as a photographer stop right now!

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What do you think?

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  • I respect you for taking a stand on this issue. I would like to understand more about this as I am a complete novice photographer. Everyone should be paid for the work they put into it.

    James on

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