Learn to edit multiple photos in Photoshop at the same time!

A twist on batch editing - Save time today with this great tip!

Editing more than one photo at a time is the most incredible time save!  

We have a great video tutorial to show you how to do this.  

The twist on this awesome tutorial is that it is faux batching so you STILL have control over each photo.  

(Note:  It works the same for Elements and for Photoshop)

  • Once you have chosen your actions and adjusted them to your liking you can quickly grab all the layers and drag them onto each photo from that session.  This provides a quick solution to editing while and uniformity to your images.


  • Erica Bean

    VERY helpful! Thanks for sharing.

  • amygough3@gmail.com

    This was one of the best things I could have learned! What a time saver! Thanks so much.

  • Stacie Jensen

    It must be an action that is painted on such as face, areas etc. This works for overall colorizers ;)

  • jessicalawsonphotography@yahoo.com

    THANK YOU!!!! I had nooooo idea ;)

  • jessicalawsonphotography@yahoo.com

    Oh no! Not sure what I’ve done wrong, but it didn’t work. when I drag the action folder onto my unedited photo, it only applies the action to a portion of the photo. Photos are all the same size. Anybody else having this trouble? I have CS5.

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