I loved my photo but the critics didn’t ...

I loved my photo but the critics didn’t ...

I loved my photo but the critics didn’t.


So we have peers criticize our “art” -- and their opinions matter?!

Ok, I can see where you would want someone to give it to you straight, for growth purposes, but if you took a photo that you love, that moves you, then why do you need others to approve it?

I did this once, years ago.

I went & subscribed to a forum - first mistake (I hate high school clique forums).

I posted one of my favorite photos and introduced myself - second mistake.

Within minutes I didn’t get “welcome” messages, I got “that pose doesn’t move me”, “I’m not sure I love the depth of field used here”, “you should quit now” - ok, maybe that last one didn’t really happen but it sure as hell felt like it did.

Why was I posting a photo I was proud of to hear people tear it down for the sake of being negative?

Was the image perfect?  No.  That wasn't the point.  It was something I created.  It was something I was proud of.

You see, we are all looking for approval -- but why aren’t we looking within?

If you are moved by what you have shot then you do not have to look further.

Don’t ask someone to love your photo unless you are interested in them tearing it down.

Because inevitably you'll run across someone who will just pick you apart.

People who see an opening to discourage you or critique you will take it.

Do not look for acceptance, accept yourself.

The moral to this story is that you aren’t always going to be perfect and neither are our clients, sessions or experiences.

As a business owner the failures, the moment that you want to throw in the towel, are the lessons you need. Those are the very things that will make you better as a business person, photographer and human.

I always tell my children that when something happens and you feel like it is so heavy and unbearable it will just be a memory later.

And it’s true.

There have been times in my life that I thought no way can I handle this, only later to be nothing more than a moment in time that doesn’t even matter now.

The truth is, everything boils down to the way you handle a situation rather than the situation handling you.


Stacie Jensen

Hey girl! Thank you. I truly appreciate it :) We’ve got to eventually feel free loving what we do and caring less about what other people think of it :)

Stacie Jensen
Christie Hess-Tomczak

Stacie, I big heart, puffy, LOOOOOVE this! :) So often, our peers get caught in the one size fits all aesthetic of the moment and throw shade at anything that doesn’t fit that mold. The only way to be authentic is to look within. Awesome post!

Christie Hess-Tomczak

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