Macro Photography: How to create crisp & detailed wedding ring photos

Macro Photography:  How to create crisp & detailed wedding ring photos

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How to create crips & detailed wedding ring photos


Macro photography is a passion of mine and I love to experiment with getting sharp, clean shots.  

Achieving the desired results however, was not as easy as I thought it would be.  It wasn’t until I tested a macro light that I was awakened artistically.

“How in the world do you get those sharp & detailed shots?”  

Who doesn’t want to hear that from someone, especial another photographer?  But honestly, I didn’t know how to produce what I wanted my photos to look like.  I had the vision, just not the technique.  

It wasn’t without trial and error that I learned the tricks to macro photographs.

Originally I was producing softer images that just didn’t pop.  I knew I needed some reflective light, which isn’t usually my style but I had to step outside my comfort zone to get the finished product I was looking for.  

I didn’t want a “flash” so I started researching to see what else was out there.  Of course during my experimental stage I didn’t want to purchase something too pricey so I went onto Amazon and found a simple Macro LED Light that attaches to my camera.  

I spent approximately $34 and transformed my photos into art.

Attaching The Light

Attaching the light to my lens was very simple.
  • First place your macro lens onto your camera.
  • Then place the attachment ring that comes with the light to the front of your lens just as you would a lens filter.
  • Next slide the light onto that attachment ring.
  • Connect the power source to your hot shoe mount and power on.

The amount of light given off by this product is perfect for diamonds but you also have the option to turn off half this light if it appears to be too much.  


How to create crips & detailed wedding ring photos


Setting Up The Shot

Start with a very clean ring.  Macro photography will show water spots, fine lint attached to the prongs and even fingerprints.  Inspect it carefully first.  I like to take one test shot, zoom in on my LCD screen to see if the camera is picking up something I can't see with the naked eye.

Setting up the shot is all about your artistic style.  I like to find textured elements around me to set the ring on such as this decorative ball and patterned placemat underneath.  You can use things such as flowers, candy, branches, rocks ... the options are endless because when looking at these items through a macro lens they become a world within themselves.



I place my settings on the lowest ISO to ensure no grain, a middle of the road f-stop such as 3.5 and focus in manual mode.  I just can not seem to get a sharp macro in auto focus, especially with diamonds.

Take your time slightly adjusting your focus ring to ensure you are getting tack sharp diamonds.  Also play with the angle you are shooting, the great thing about macro photography is you are without a horizon so you aren't controlled as much by the need to be level.  


How to create crips & detailed wedding ring photos


The difference

The difference speaks volumes to the detail.  You get reflective sparkle and depth that you wouldn't otherwise get if shooting without a macro light.  

Any wedding photographer looking to create a beautiful shot of their clients rings can use this technique to enhance their image. 

The added kiss of light transforms a thoughtful shot of your clients ring into a piece of art that truly reflects the memory of the day.  


How to create crips & detailed wedding ring photos

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