How to create big goals & small actionable tasks to accomplish them!

Last week we went over the mindset you need to cultivate to be an entrepreneur.

Some of those things probably weren’t the easiest to digest, but we hope between this week and last week you had a chance to really internalize them.

Because this next series is aaallll about goal-setting, and some of those goals will be monetary ones, you’ll want a calendar and planner for this one.  Ideally, your photographers planner 

because it has a built-in goal-setting feature that allows you to set and track your goals over time. (So it’s not just a planner, it’s also your business plan, rolled into one.)



Large goals are the building blocks to your business purpose. They are what drive your monthly & daily tasks. But don’t overwhelm yourself.

Pick 1 or 2 big goals for the entire year.

For example: This year my goal is to build a home & doubling my income. But how do I get there? Well there will be many little parts to this equation so before I get overwhelmed, I need to think on a smaller scale.

Your task: Write down 2 major goals for the year.



Now that you’ve defined what you want from your business, how do you get there? What happens in between? How do you get from Point A to Point B?
It doesn’t happen overnight, but over a period of time, one step at a time.

Because finishing goals is like chipping away at a rock, it’s best to define the goal & then smaller actionable tasks to complete it.

This is another biiiig piece of the puzzle. Knowing what your goal is and defining it is really important, but knowing the steps you have to take to get there is critical.

For example:  If one of your goals was to increase your average monthly income from your business from $1,000/month to $5,000 per month, you could create smaller goals like this:
(note: these smaller actionable tasks should go into your monthly to-do list)

  1. Create an email sequence for potential clients landing on my website.
  2. Automate a better social media posting plan.
  3. Start a referral program.

Now do the same thing with the rest of your goals – break them into smaller goals, and set them as your small actionable tasks.



So going back to the idea of making more money, what steps do you need to take to do that?

It could be things like:

  • Increase marketing efforts
  • Explore new marketing avenues such as Facebook advertising
  • Start/beef up your referral program
  • Send out a newsletter and run a special on a day of mini-sessions once a month
  • Increase your prices
  • Transition to In-Person sales instead of delivering your images on a disc and/or online gallery

The point here is, what do you need to be doing every day and every week to get there?

Go back to your planner, and block off the time every day and every week to do those tasks.  


You guessed it! If you didn’t do it while you went through this email, take the time now to write out your 1 or 2 major yearly goals and break them down into small actionable tasks to achieve them.

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